The Twilight Saga

CHAPTER 2 caustic bloodsuckers

As we approached the little store on the beach embry stopped dead then started to shake in his hands tremors rolling down his spine I’d heard of this in the legends “embry?” I asked worried was there a threat I didn’t see one “vampire” he snarled the word and jerked me behind him “embry stay calm” I whispered the words he looked at me and muttered “rip her up when you phase or calm down and get her out of here?” then “rite get her out of here” he looked around wildly then jake and renesmee were there I looked past them and saw quil running at warp speed with Claire tucked close in his arms he was also shaking jake I noticed had renesmee in a close hold around her waist just then a beautiful boy walked out of the store looking around worried he had messy hair a beautiful dark brown color his face was slightly pixyish with big caramel colored eyes and full lips he was taller than me about six’ one he looked about sixteen he looked at jake then embry and sniffed he took a step back with terrified eyes embry began shaking so hard my whole world was vibrating ,whoa, the boy looked around and his eyes found renesmee he looked shocked as he sniffed again “are you a…?” he hesitated “yes vampire” she took a stepped forward pulling away from jake as he tried to hold her back “and you are a vegetarian” she stated he looked confused “you eat only animals not people?” I questioned embry had not noticed me move out from behind him he snarled and positioned himself in front of me I peeked around his arm to see the boys reaction “oh yes” said the boy “I was looking for the vampire Carlisle” he said the name uncertainly “I was sent by the Denali clan ”
“we know where to find him” I said I had come from behind embry again and dodged him when he tried to put himself in front of me I held out my hand to shake the boys I had broken the invisible border and everyone had frozen the boy shook my hand causing embry to break into a chorus of snarls which made the boy jump “ignore him’ I muttered “my name is ari I’m of course a human” “I am jack” he replied sniffing me again slightly puzzled “ vampire” he added with a dashing smile “how long have you been on your vegetarian diet jack?” I asked “oh about a hundred years have you heard of jack the ripper?” “yes” I smiled I knew where this was going “well when his murders ended is when I went vegetarian” he smirked but looked surprised “you aren’t scared of me” he stated looking at our hands that were still gripped tightly together “not even a little” I said coolly “is it because you have friends?” he asked looking at my embry “no you seem like a good person and I trust you jack” I stated he smiled and said “ your hands are warm” that was it for embry he snapped, he roared and tremors rolled down his spine I whipped around and grabbed him by the waist “ari no!” it was renesmee I ignored her “embry calm down if you morph your gonna kill me because I am not moving calm down” kill was the magic word the tremors stopped immediately “sorry” he muttered and grabbed my hand pulling me along the beach “that jerk” he added a few of quils choicest swear words behind it “what?” I asked miffed the kid seemed fine to me, “he has one of those special things I know it” said embry “what do you mean what Alice and Edward have?” he had filled me in on every little detail on the way to the store “yes” he snarled I smacked him “be nice you’re not pissed at me” I reminded him “sorry I’ll calm down in a second this is exactly what jake and I were afraid of bringing you into, do you realize you are in mortal danger every time your within ten feet of me?” “I know but I’m not scared, I know you can control yourself, so what special thingy can jack do?” he hesitated and frowned when he looked into my eyes I saw agony in his “he is… talented more talented than most vamps I’ve seen I’ll have to talk to Carlisle but he showed me a picture and I think it was the future” whoa sweet I thought but all I said was “oh” he picked me up in his arms and said “we’re going to Carlisle to see if he knows anything” then he started running he held me away from his body because his heat was sweltering it reminded me of Florida but I wouldn’t cry now I would save that for later as he ran I looked down he was so graceful and fast we had to be going at least sixty “damn” I said looking at the trees fly past “do you want me to slow down” he asked “no” I replied “I like the speed” he smiled then said “I am the luckiest werewolf ever, I imprinted on someone I was friends with and she isn’t freaking out about it” he sounded so joyful I had to laugh. We were at Carlisle’s in no time at all he sat me down and dragged me into the house and then he saw jack “hello ari” jack said flashing a dazzling smile “hello jack” I said I could feel a low growl building in embry’s chest I slapped him in his rock hard stomach he quit growling but I thought I had broken a pinky I shook my hand as I heard a voice in my head “ I know that hurt when you hit him I wouldn’t hurt you and you wouldn’t have to remind me to behave” I nearly jumped but I kept my cool I looked around until I saw jack I stared at him confused he winked conspiratorially then I heard his voice inside my head again “if you want to talk to me where no one else can hear just think my name in your head and think it I’ll listen ok?” I felt foolish but I thought “yes” in my head “good I think were going to get along you catch on very quickly especially for a human” “how are you doing this” I thought “I have talents” he thought and inside my head I got a picture of him winking I glanced at him and he gave me another dazzling smile “you’re pure evil you know that ripper” I thought laughing inside my head “do you really think that?” he asked with a laugh “no, and I know you know what I think so why ask” “you are quick, it just seems more polite I guess to ask” I got a picture of him in my head again he was smiling his dazzling smile and his eyes were molten caramel I glanced at him and that was exactly what he looked like I smiled brightly Edward was by my side in a second “ari can we have a word in private” sure I said as we walked out of the room I gave embry another warning glare and then I heard his voice in my head “like I said you wouldn’t have to remind me not to lose control” “hush” I said to him Edward glared at him I temporarily had forgotten that his ability was mind reading oops. As the door shut I looked at Edward we were on the front porch he motioned for me to follow and I did I got worried as we strode out through the trees he stopped and pivoted to face me “I’m not mad’ he said reading my mind “I’m worried I looked into jacks mind he has taken an… interest in you” I looked at him confused “and by that you-” “I mean he seems to err.. Like you more than a friend he uh… well the easiest way to say it is he wants to be your mate he saw how Bella and I worked out and would like it to be the same for you two but you must understand it was a long difficult journey for us and also the difficulty of a werewolf imprinting on you would add to the stress so uh… do you have a plan?” a plan was already forming in my head and I would like to keep it to myself so I repeated the alphabet backwards in my head then forwards then mixed it up Edward laughed “very nice making your thoughts chaotic does make it difficult to read your mind I smiled as I thought of my grandmothers recipe for meat loaf he laughed again “ok I want to help you I can see your happy with embry” I laughed and nodded “ I have read his mind he has an extremely useful power he can acquire a power of another vampire by being in the same vicinity and he can use several of those powers at once like he has Alice’s seeing the future now and my mind reading of course and renesmee being able to show you things and Carlisle’s good nature he is the ultimate weapon that is how he can talk to you and show you things in your mind he combines powers if he saw Bella I wouldn’t be able to read him so I’m keeping her out” he finished with a grimace I stared at him shocked “holy crap” I said finally “I agree” he muttered he looked deep in concentration “so… how exactly do I tell an extremely powerful vampire um… no” I asked “ no plan?” he asked “not after the last future reading thing no” I said in defeat “that’s a shame” he said “why?” I asked not sure I wanted to hear “because he has made up his mind that he is not leaving without you his intentions are good but I’m not sure he realizes exactly how dangerous it would be if he got you and embry would be crushed so he would have the entire pack on him he had really better think this through but I know how he feels I’ve been there and it worked out well for me but not without a few bumps” an agonized look came into his eyes that made me afraid to ask “so did you see what he showed embry on the beach? he freaked out” “ahh… yes I saw that he uh…” I had never seen Edward struggle to find words before but he was now it made me uncomfortable “he saw you to on a beach getting married in the future and not for the first time either you were a vampire but it went away when you decided you were staying with embry the future continually alters you know?” he said my mind was blank I was stunned “how was he planning on getting me to marry him?” I asked “just the usual charm I guess but he didn’t see how strong the bond between you and embry was becoming” I was thinking about that when Edward suddenly said “oh!” “What” I asked anxious “Alice just had a vision it was you and embry getting in a fight and you going to…” “no” I said horrified I knew what the last word would be but he said it anyway “jack” alice was at my side in a second “ari no matter what happens you stay in La Push ok?” she said in hushed tones “it wont help alice he will cross the border for her he now considers her his mate he wont stop” I rolled my eyes “be right back ok?” I said not waiting for an answer I jogged up to the house. embry and jack met me at the door “ hello love” jack said watching the tortured expression on embry’s face with glee “embry” I said smiling and giving him a hug “jack I am not your love nor am I your mate so stop it” I commanded while looking into embry’s eyes how could someone’s life become so weird in one day I heard jack mutter something along the lines of “resistance is futile” “ugh’ I muttered “boys” as I hugged embry to prove my point. Jack frowned and went for another tact “so embry how was your date?, I mean since you were in love with her yesterday before that freaky wolf crap kicked in.” holy shiz that was a low blow I didn’t know he had, had a date yesterday but I didn’t care he loved me now, but… did he want to love me or was this against his will I stopped rite there I didn’t want to know the voice in my head was back “you wouldn’t have to wonder that if you were mine, you know it’s true” he was rite I wouldn’t have to think it but I would never hurt embry like that jack had heard me, of course, “he wont be hurt, he wants what is best for you because he loves you remember what he said on the beach he could be your best friend, anything you need and you do not need a adolescent werewolf boyfriend” he had me there I looked up at him he was smiling as embry answered “I don’t even remember my date’ he spit the word, “yesterday because I found my true love today” oh man this was hard since when did fairytale creatures fight over humans only in forks I sighed and they both stopped fighting and looked at me I felt jack trying to probe my head for my thoughts I turned and dashed out of the yard I ran as fast as I could but of course I was way slower than the supernatural jack was in front of me and had caught me by the waist as soon as I had hit the dirt road leading from the Cullen’s house “stop” he commanded “NO!!” I screamed rite in his face he didn’t even flinch stupid vamp hurt my ego “let me go” I screamed kicking him bad idea my foot throbbed in my shoe “no” he said it so calmly it made me even madder I should have known embry could hear us he was beside us in about three seconds “ I will give to the count of three to let her go bloodsucker” he roared so loud I had to cover my ears for fear of hearing loss “try me” said jack “ one” “embry no” I whispered he ignored me “two” “embry your gonna hurt her too if you change you could lose your focus like Emily and Sam” jack taunted “I don’t think I’ll have any trouble keeping my focus bloodsucker I will give you one more chance put her down” “no” jack was pushing it embry was really going to do it this time “embry please calm” I said he ignored me tremors rolled down his spine he shook so rapidly I thought he was going to shake rite off his frame “three” said embry and he jumped phasing in mid-air turning into the giant light brown wolf I loved then jack did something I couldn’t believe he pushed me behind him and put himself on top of me shielding me from the attack he made a cage around me with his arms taking the full weight of the giant wolf on his shoulders embry rolled off and landed back on his feet jack rolled to his feet dragging me with him instead of taking his chance to hurt embry he pushed me up into a tree and let embry strike again he had given his life for mine but he was still fighting jack sunk into a fighting crouch and let a vicious snarl rip from his chest it sent shutters down my spine what if he killed embry because of me It would kill me inside the voice in my head surprised me “I wont kill him I know he is yours I will try not to damage your… posessions I have more respect for you than that.” I sighed in relief “thank you and please don’t get hurt” I thought “ha ha I’ll be fine just worry about your wolf boy” I winced a little “thank you” I thought again on the ground embry snarled and launched himself towards jack, jack dodged and embry spun as he hit the ground to go back after him jack slammed into embry with the force of a fighter jet he flew backwards towards the tree smacking into it with thousands of pounds of pressure the tree shook hard flinging me into the air I landed with a smack into freezing stone arms “it’s ok I got you, did I break anything?” maybe I thought, “no” I muttered still dazed to my savior jack embry paced away until jack stuck me back in the tree then he ran and caught jack off guard ripping a stone finger off “NO!!” my scream surprised even me embry looked like I had hit him and jack let a few swear words fly then smirked at me “so you do care” he said out loud causing embry to whimper “shut it” I thought in my head “not while I still have a chance” he thought back then embry slammed into him with all the power he could find seeing the vampire flying across the space and smack into another tree snapping it in half then there were new members to the fight a russet wolf flung itself at embry then a chocolate colored one jake and quil had come to break up the fight but jack was mad he flung himself across the clearing just then two bodies slammed into him making a sound like a bomb exploding Emmet and jasper had stopped jack and were dragging him back he stopped his fight immediately seeing how gigantic Emmet was renesmee was suddenly in the tree beside me “popular aren’t you?” she asked “apparently” I grumbled she grabbed me and climbed down with me in her tiny arms embry had taken off with jake in pursuit trying to calm him down quil phased back and was laying on the ground with no clothes “that was fun” he said when I sat down beside him “but embry was really hurt he thinks your going to hate him now” “no not really I think he stupid though” I muttered the last part “he wont phase back until he is completely calm and I don’t think he will be calm until he sees you” “damn” I muttered “you want me to take you to him?” he asked “can you?” I asked jumping up “ yea I’ll phase and you can ride on me to where he is you know how we can do that mind reading thing” “ok” I said happily he showed no modesty as he stood and phased then he looked at me expectantly “ready?” I asked he nodded and lowered himself so I could climb on as he started running I grabbed hanks of fur to keep myself on he barked out a laugh and sped up soon he slowed and finally stopped I climbed off and he ran behind a tree to phase back soon the tall well muscled dark skinned quil I had always known walked out in just a pair of cut off sweats ok he’s rite around here we walked up the bend in the forest trail we had gotten to and I saw my light brown wolf laying on the ground his face in his paws the russet wolf that was jake was sitting next to him making quiet little noises in the back of his throat trying to soothe embry jake looked up when we walked up but embry just laid there jake phased back to human , I was going to have to get used to all these Indian boys walking around with no clothes, jake and quil walked back down the trail and I walked up to embry and put a hand on his soft shoulder he looked up at me with sad eyes “embry” I whispered his name “what are you doing here it’s getting late your mom is gonna freak on you if you miss curfew one more time” he shook his head sadly “come on can you phase back yet?” he shook his head again “why are you mad at me or sad..” he nodded “why are you sad?” he looked pointedly at me “oh… what did I do?” he rolled his eyes “rite more like what didn’t I do, I guess this is all my fault it’s always my fault” I plopped on the ground beside him laying my head on his shoulder he whimpered and shook his head to tell me I was wrong I ignored him “I got you into a fight and got you stuck as a werewolf and that stupid bloodsucker wont leave now because of me, maybe I should leave?” I was talking to myself now so it startled me when embry let out a tortured howl and shook his head rapidly “fine, but it is an option” he phased so quickly it shocked me one minute I was sitting beside a giant brown wolf the next a frantic Indian boy “NO!! he shouted in my face you cant leave I love you it would kill me please I know you want to stay your not causing trouble we are I’ll stop fighting I’m sorry just stay until I’m eighteen then we can go anywhere you want, ari, promise me you wont leave!” his eyes were huge and agonizing as he looked at me “ok Em I’m sorry it was just a thought” “no more of those thoughts” he said looking relieved “ok, well you phased back my job is done, now can you go find some clothes?” I had just realized I was sitting by a naked former werewolf “oh yea sorry” he said getting up and then “stay here I’m going to get jake I’ll be rite back” “alright” I said as he disappeared around the corner minutes later embry appeared with jake and thankfully pants. Seth came strolling around the corner of the trail then and stopped dead looking at me and embry hand in hand. “oh crap” was all he said then he walked over and punched embry in the face I had to give it to him embry didn’t even try to fight back he just cracked his nose back into place and looked at Seth “stop” jake commanded as seth raised his fist to punch him again he stopped immediately “time to go home” seth commanded I walked to his side and smiled up at him he just glowered. Embry started forward as we turned to walk away “not a chance” seth said sharply he stopped and looked wistfully after us I paused mid-step and seth jerked me forwards away from embry we walked back down the dirt path until we came to Seth’s car, I was sure he didn’t have his license, he climbed in the drivers seat and opened my door from the inside I hesitated then climbed in knowing I wouldn’t stand a chance of out running him. I could feel him looking at me and slowly looked up to face his wrath I was surprised to see him grinning down at me “what?” I asked confused into speaking “did I scare you?” he asked a puzzled but satisfied look on his face “ugh, yes” I admitted “hmmm” he was thinking “I was really that mad you know, but it was hard to be that mad for long, I’m actually ecstatic”, “huh?” was all I could say “well, I’m not ecstatic for you of course it’s very dangerous for you to be near werewolves all the time” I just stared “as of course you already know after today’s show down at the Cullen’s” “how did you find out so fast?” I said a little miffed no one was supposed to tell on me. He laughed and tapped his temple “vampires aren’t the only ones who can hear peoples thoughts” embry told me about that werewolves, while in werewolf form can hear each others thoughts “damn, rite” I muttered I had forgotten to add this factor in the keep it a secret from the Clearwater’s equation.

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