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The forth book of the twilight saga came out (in germany) on valentines day. I stayed up until 4 o´clock in the morning just to read it and when I woke up 5 hours later I was like hm? where am I? in germany? whaatt I thought I was in forks... I wanted to finish the book soo bad but I didn´t have enough free time...and finaly today I was able to finish it and I feel like somethings missing...but I have to say twilight and breaking dawn are my favs.
I loved the scene in eclipse when edward knelt to the ground and asked bella to marry him (I cried...) and when she married him end she came down the stairs and looked at him smiling it was awesome...
Now I don´t have anything to reeaadd :( I think I´m gonna start reading the host ...hmm well the last pages are always hard to read and I really liked the way steph ended it it wasn´t like boom it´s over it was more like it´s still going because u know they´ll live forever...

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Comment by Rodopi on February 18, 2009 at 1:11pm
I know ... we had to wait :(

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