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This entry is dedicated to venting.

About half an hour ago, I read these rumors online about how Stephenie is getting sued for plagiarism and the production of the New Moon movie is being put on hold. Turns out to be lies, like I suspected, but really? They got me so mad. People will do anything now to create a little stir in Hollywood and wherever else there is a media following. Poor Stephenie had to write a little disclaimer thing on her website about how she’s not being sued, she never knew a lady named Heidi Stanton, and no such guy exists named Dr. Peter Benton except for on ER.

Seriously, guys? It’s like she has nothing better to do than ensure that those amazing ideas were, in fact, her own. Give her a little bit of credit. No wonder she doesn’t care about finishing the rest of her ideas, like Midnight Sun, because it seems that her so-called fans have absolutely no faith in her at all! We post her stuff online, start nasty rumors, publicly and blatantly criticize her work.

The criticism is to be expected, because no one can publish something that everyone loves. But the negative feedback on Breaking Dawn was a little too much. I was seeing pieces of flair stating that the series should have stayed a trilogy and so forth. Give her a break; it’s her story and she can do what she wants with it!

Ultimately, she did not write those books for us. She wrote them for herself because she was having fun with it. I’m afraid we’ve sucked all the fun out of writing books for Stephenie. I will truthfully be surprised if she ever does publish anything again.

Honestly, I think the movie has caused most of the trouble. It’s brought in a bunch more fans that have a lot lower level of loyalty to Stephenie and much more to the petty actors that portray her characters—and not incredibly well, I might add.

Personally, I feel a certain connection to Stephenie from reading all of her books, and I would absolutely love to sit down and talk with her someday. I think we would turn out to be quite similar. For one, I really admire that she got her idea from a dream. I do that all the time. I also feel like she is getting tired of all the publicity, as I soon would, I’m sure. At first, she was surrounded by loyal fans that supported her work and her ideas and respected her rights as an author. Then all these lazy, “I’ll-just-see-the-movie-when-it-comes-out,” new fans decide to slap Robert Pattinson’s ugly face on Stephenie Meyer’s brilliant ideas and worship it. They don’t give a care about how anything affects the author; all that matters is juicy gossip. And I’m pretty sure that is the last thing that Stephenie wanted when she came out with those books. Do we really want her to regret ever publishing them? I know if I were her, I would be getting sick of having to write assurance notes and letters reprimanding her unruly fans. She once believed that she had the best fans in the whole wide world. She mentions it at the end of most of her books in the acknowledgements and numerous times on her website. However, those little portions of praise are from a long time ago. It has been months since Stephenie has uttered one morsel of thanks to her fans, because, truly, we’ve let her down.

Interestingly, Stephenie considered herself the luckiest author alive before the release of the movie. I’m sure she’s still very grateful for the support that she does receive, and she knows there are people out there who would stick with her to the bitter end. But, I think it’s time to start associating the name “Twilight” with its rightful owner and creator, Stephenie Meyer. Without her, none of that delightful story would exist, and millions of fangirls (and fanguys) would be bored to death, I’m sure.

So I guess I just want to take this entry to say: Thank you so much, Stephenie! You’ve put so much work and time and effort into making an outstanding book series that usually gets taken for granted. I admire your talent and dedication, and I aspire to be as understanding and successful as you are. Sometimes, when it seems that people don’t appreciate what you’ve done, just remember that there are those out there that respect and support you more than ever. We love you, Steph, and thank you again for all that you do!

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Comment by Mary on June 13, 2009 at 3:19pm
Wow Hannah, I really like this. I didn't even know that those rumors are really out there but now I see that they are. This is really good at explaining probably exactly what Stephenie is really feeling, and showing us how she is feeling so that we can be more supportive :) It's great. And why didn't you tell me about this one?

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