The Twilight Saga

A long time passed. Annie tried to keep my mind off of Nick but he was all I could think about. Overall, I guess the visit was pretty good. Mom said that it let the time pass quicker than usual.

Almost a week passed and it felt like a day, kind of. I loved having Annie around! Me and her were two halfs of a person. We completed eachother. 'Best friends until the end!' we used to say.

Not a single minute went by when I didn't think of Jacob's letter. Abd now she started to go to sleep really late and it was hard for me to wake up after... I felt bad for the letter. Lonely, sitting in that cold, exhausting drawer, unread. It was sad really.

The next day, Annie and I decided to go to the mall. She said the shopping was much better in Toronto than in Forks and The Res. That was a little let down for me... I loved shopping.

Mom gave us each some money for the day when she dropped us off in front of the largest mall in Toronto. I had to admit, it was pretty big!

We stepped through the two big doors leading us in. I looked around and said, "Where to first?"

"Well, actually before we start I have to pick something up for my Mom in the drug store downstairs. It's this special ointment for her wrist Artheritis that she would have to order on The Rez, but it would be cheaper to get it here."

"Okay, cool! We'll go there now. Umm... I'm pretty sure the elevator is that way," I said pointing to the right.

We went to the drug store, Annie got the ointment, and we started our Spree. I didn't get much. I got a pair of sunglasses, a shirt, and a dress with a matching belt. Annie got a lot though. I couldn't even count the number of things she got.

As we slowly made our way to the cafeteria for lunch, I (being as clumsy as I was) tripped and fell onto someone. Luckily whoever it was caught me by surprise. I felt so embarrased! Especially when I looked up and saw who it was. My biggest nightmare had become true. I was in the arms of Taylor, this boy in my class I had been secretly crushing on for 7 years. Our Mom's were really good friends. In fact, he was at Nick's funeral... But I didn't talk to him.

"Sorry!" I blurted. I felt like a total fool.

"No problem," he said helping me back up.

"Thanks," I added. I looked over at Annie who knew I liked him, she was smiling and winked at me.

"Hey, your Jazz right?"

"Umm... Yeah," I couldn't believe he didn't even know who I was. He came to ALL my birthday parties, and every other party me or my parents through. That was an awkward moment.

"Right, right," he said shaking his head. "I know you! You go to my school right?"

"Umm... Yeah," I realized those were the only two words coming out of my mouth. Annie nudged me... I was getting sidetracted.

"Well, hey... I'm having a party tomorrow night, would you two like to come?"

"Umm... Yeah," Dang it! I said it again! "Thanks," I added (again). I was repeating myself a lot.

"Anyways, it was nice running into you. But, I got to meet up with my cousin over there. See you tomorrow, hopefully," he winked as he passed me by.

I was ready to faint as I watched him walk away. Thankfully, Annie caught me.

"Girl you like him!" she teased.

"... Yeah... I guess I do. I'm mean... Did you see him? His eyes. His smile. OoOoh! It just drives my insane. Only problem is, he doesn't even notice me," I said disapointedly.

"Well, he noticed you now! So you are going to go to that party and get your flirt on!"

"Yeah I guess... Wait... No! I can't actually go! And besides I have nothing to wear!"

"Yes you do! And you are going! We both are! You can wear the new dress you bought! It looks soo good on you. Honest!" she said. She was always the kind of person to lift you up on your worst days. That's what I missed about her most when she moved.

I hugged her. "I missed you!" I murmured.

"I missed you too!"

I tossed and turned all night. I couldn't sleep very well. And when I was sleeping, Annie said that I kept saying "Taylor... Jacob... Taylor... Jacob..." Over and over. Oh god! She heward me say Jacob! I told her it was a boy that lived in my cousin's apartment building that I met when I visitedmy cousin. I told her before she started suspecting anything.

One thing I couldn't understand was why I was saying Jacob? Weird!

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Comment by Sezzy Isabella Marie Arsprey on September 1, 2010 at 5:35pm
wow thats is good send me link to the next chapter plzzzzzzzzz
Comment by Mrs.SarahRoseMellark on August 31, 2010 at 10:33pm
I understand why you were saying Jacob. Who wouldn't!!!! LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!

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