The Twilight Saga

"Some things dont have to end" - Bella to Edward
Reciently in my school we experieced a lose of a teacher he tought Italian over the weekend he was canooing in Virginia and got caught in some rocks and was trapped but when they got to him he was already gone. When we I went to school that monday there was an annoucement over the loud speaker that said to pray for him and for his family. Everyone had known that he past away before monday all the students were notified.Italian was my first class on monday they had a new teacher and that was when i realized how much i missed him and his teaching. Tears are in my watery eyes now. Sitting here writeing i take from this that one day your here and the next day your not.That night I had a dream that i died. In that dream i was Screaming at people the words 'I'm still HERE!" and then sobbing. I no this my seem sad but it is a tribut to him a friend, a teacher, and a son R.I.P


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