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my god just saw Little ashes awsum film pattison truly has a special gift with no proper training still managed to act convincingly the character was believable and as insane (good way) as dali apparently was and you could tell rob enjoyed his time playing the extravagant character and even in the emotional scenes does a very convincing job as does Javier Beltrán and Marina Gatell i believe Paul Morrison and Andres Padilla did a very good job with what some would consider a touchy subject but i was glad to see a large turnout for the film clearly alot of twilighters there as well and even my friend enjoyed it in parts which gernerally he's not happy unless theres a explosion or two so a good night and good film 9/10 is what i would give it so if you like your arty type films and of course are a fan of the actors/actresses its a must see anyway now i'm off to listen to the new eminem album NIGHT YO!

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Comment by jamie on May 11, 2009 at 11:19am
thanks yo i will definatly watch this movie. a 9 out of 10 is enuff for me. lol. pattinson does have a special gift and he will do wonders with his career, movies and music. we have just seen the beginning of pattinson.

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