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One time we had scary encounter, but this one wasn't with bears. We were staying in the campground at Glacier Point, intending to hike across Illilouette Falls to Little Yosemite Valley the next day. That evening a park ranger came around to tell campers that bears were coming into the campground at night. He told us that bears can get into anything, even locked cars. How hard do you think it would be? They just peel the doors off…like the car is a banana with a chewy center.

A few guys were in the camp space next to us. Our sleeping bags were near their camp. During the night I woke up and heard them talking about the possibility of a bear coming around. They got more and more agitated, and started talking about “contingency plans.” They had a lot of food, and knew they couldn't trust that putting it in their car would be safe.

I really started listening when they discussed putting all their food in our
camp, so if a bear came around it would come to our camp and leave them alone. That was the end of my sleep for a while! I lay wide awake, listening to them. At one point, they decided to try to eat as much of their food as they could. Since I wasn’t sure that they wouldn't put the rest of their food in our camp after all, I decided I had to stay wide awake and keep guard.

In spite of my attempts to stay awake, I finally dozed off to sleep. I woke up early the next morning. (You don't sleep late in the wilderness, even if there are no scary people next door.) I was so happy to see they were gone. They must have decided they couldn't eat everything, and wouldn't put it in our camp after all, but they couldn't sleep either. So they just left.

Sometimes people are scarier than bears!

(a picture of Illilouette Falls is in my photos)

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