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I have read all of the books and any and all things I could find to do with the Twilight Saga, but still there are too many loose ends. I wonder if Stephanie Meyer would ever consider writing more books to conclude the story or if it will haunt me forever? I hate it when there is now clear ending to a story...

So if I was Stephenie Meyer, I would consider writing another book or two to conclude the story. The story ideas would include the following:

1) Bella and Edward telling Bella's mom and including her in the secret. I am sure Nessie would like to meet her other Grandmother as well....

2) The love story of Nessie & Jacob. I am sure there is enough there to fill at least two books. I can only imagine the difficulties they would have to face with Nessie being half vampire and Jacob being wolf....

3) The final fight - when the Volturi returns to take revenge. I am sure it would be an even better story than the first meeting with the Volturi in the clearing.

4) What happens to Edward and Bella once Nessie moves on and they have eternity to spend... what will they do? Eternity is a long time....

5) There weres so many new characters/vampires in Breaking Dawn - it would be some good reading to include some of them in the new books. The Amazon vampires are a must!

What other books and story ideas can you think off? Do you also think the story ended with too many loose ends?

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Comment by Jonathan Cameron on July 21, 2010 at 7:28am
hey yall - don't mean to crash in this post - but check out my artwork on Twilight (well based on Twilight anyway) cheers

and I HOPE she does :)
Comment by Janzel Roquette Borga on July 20, 2010 at 8:08am
I would love that too!! :)

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