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Lori's POV of a scene in Stregoni Benefici's FanFic 'Full Circle'


I heard the huge vehicle pull up outside and saw a hot Indian man stop by the window. He walked through the door and saw me. I smiled at him. “Hi, welcome to Lori’s Delightful Jewels. I’m Lori, what can I help you with today?”

He grinned. “I’m hoping to find a ring for my girl.”

My face must have lit up. I love helping guys who are usually clueless about jewelry find just the right thing for their sweeties. “Engagement or wedding?”

“Uhmmm the first one.” he replied; he looked nervous.

“Okay, did you have anything in mind?” I said as I tucked a piece of hair behind my ear.

“Uhmmm, yeah. I’d like one with an emerald; it’s her birthstone. I saw two in the window. Can I see those up close?”

I turned and unlocked the window box and removed the rings he’d indicated. “Sure, this one here is a very pretty ring. Is your girlfriend a girly-girl…? Does she like fancy stuff or is she more of a tom-boy? Would she feel uncomfortable with dressing up and extravagant things?”
one ring Emerald Engagement ring

He looked like he wanted to be sarcastic, but then he just said, “She might not like this… it’s a bit showy, and looks expensive. Let’s see the other one.”

I turned to the other one. “Ok, this is a nice one too; it’s cheaper than the other one and it comes in a set with earrings and a necklace.”
setEmerald Ring 3 piece set

He nodded. “That’s perfect. I think she likes silver better than gold anyway, and I can give her the other parts as a wedding gift! What about the wedding bands?”

I smiled. I like to inform as well as sell, “That’s actually white gold. It’s slightly better than silver since that can tarnish. Now, will you be getting matching bands or unique to each other?”

The man rubbed his hands over his handsome face. “Uhmmm, I’d like us to match, but I’m not sure what she’ll want. Can I just look for now and come back when I have her answer?”

I agreed with a grin. “No problem. Here’s the one I would suggest to go with her ring. It’s not too thick so it won’t be clunky while she does any daily activities, but it’s still stylish and you can engrave something on them too. That engraving would make the rings subtly unique.”
Band Wedding band goes w/set

I placed the rings on my pinky so he could see the way they looked together.

He was amazed and speechless. The emotion I see in his eyes is so touching. His girlfriend is a lucky girl. He seems unable to speak louder then a whisper. “They’re perfect. Please, put the bands aside for me. I’ll take the set and your card and I’ll call when she says yes…” He cleared his throat and handed me his payment. “Thanks for your help, Lori. Leah and I, well, we appreciate it.” He took the little pale yellow box and waved on his way out the door. I can’t wait to hear her answer…

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