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Lori’s review of Eclipse *****SPOILERS FOR ECLIPSE THE MOVIE*****

I got to see the 12:01 showing of the third movie in The Twilight Saga! I took my husband with me and he spent the whole time before, after and during the movie, making fun of it and me, but here’s my opinion:

I loved it!

I thought it was excellently acted and thoroughly enjoyable. Most of my favorite scenes from the book made the movie and I couldn’t be happier. There were some cheesy parts, but they matched the cheesy parts of the book so it wasn’t the bad type of cheesy.

I thought there were some portions of the movie that were absolutely perfect, but there were a few that I’m not sure they did justice to. The part when Jacob meets up with them at Forks HS was ok, but I think it could’ve been better, Bella was not as upset as she should’ve been that Victoria was back in town. Also, in the book, the bed was a MAJOR issue. In the movie…not so much! The next portion, I was unhappy with was when Jake tells her she’d be better off dead then being a vampire. She was supposed to be so pissed that she didn’t speak to him for DAYS and she actually sticks around for the rest of her visit! The final scene that I didn’t like was when she speaks to Jacob the last time…He showed more emotion than she did!

I think the most important thing in this movie is the proposal. It played out just perfectly! The ring was beautiful and I loved the emotion and affection and the way Bella and Edward are all lovey-dovey in this movie. I am so glad they got it right this time. ‘The Talk’ with Charlie went just as awkwardly as it was supposed to and I laughed the whole time! The chats she had with Jasper and Rosalie went well and I could see the wheels in her head turning as she considered all the info she was getting. Jasper’s accent was breathtaking and I would love to hear more of it. I loved her explanation of her final decision. It was different than the book, but I think it fit better to Bella’s true character.

I can’t wait to see it a second time! I may have to go back for thirds!

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

Love, Lori

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Comment by IScreamCullen on July 21, 2010 at 5:44pm
I hate people who make fun of Twilight for no reason, but I saw this recently and thought it was hilarious. If you can't laugh at yourself, right?

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