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Hey guys,

So... as some of you may know..... I have been working on a novel called 'Lost Moon.' The Story is basically New Moon... but from a different point of view, Edward Cullen's. Find out what he gets up to and how he feels when he is away from Bella.

I will put the preface here and Chapter One : Event in another post! If it is popular then I will post some more, so comment if you like it!



My existence meant little to me now, so I was not afraid of what I was about to do.

My crowded death place was filled with red, blood red.

There was no way I would outlast this - they would make sure of that.

I smiled as I heard the clock strike twelve.

We would be together now. My life had ended during that phone call; this would feel like nothing, nothing at all.

I took a long breath and stepped into the pellucid sunlight.

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