The Twilight Saga

Chapter 3: pleasurable pain
As I got back to my seat with Dominique and Clide the bell rang. I grabbed my things and was looking around for the front desk. I heard Alice report back to her relatives. “Whatever she is, she is harmless.” me, harmless. That was the funniest thing I have ever heard in all my existence. I laughed at that until I realized it was out loud. So much that Alice heard. She rectified her sentence “Well at least not to us.” Suddenly her expression changed dramatically. She looked so emotionless. This expression looked so familiar probably because I saw it just this morning. Of coarse it wasn’t on Alice it was Maria. She was sitting on Lucas’s lap when I came out to ask her if she returned my car keys. As soon as she lay eyes on me her face turned emotionless, her body motionless. As if she was carved to stone their on his lap; just like Alice. When she regained compositor she was grinning like a Cheshire cat. “Check your back pocket, oh and have a lovely day.” It wasn’t what she said it was how she said it. It was almost sinister, but nothing Maria said would ever be less that comforting. I was still very suspicious, but she still kissed me on the forehead and Lucas to. They feel so much like my real parents; after all I have known them since the night I was born. That is another story for another day. So now that I see Alice in the same trance like position just conformed crystal clear that they were vampires too with super natural powers. Out of the blue she burst out clapping and jumping. Edward on the other hand looked as if he was going to drop dead. I also felt faint when he looked me directly in the eye. He stopped looking at me and questioned the reliability of his sister. “Alice are you sure.”
“Yes, its concrete. By the looks of it’s all going to take place next week.”So did this mean that whatever Alice just saw had something to do with what Maria was implying about her vision?Immediately I lost all humour I had before. I was in an extremes case of shock. As I tried to make since of this information overload. I could not manage to figure it out instead I decided that as soon as I got home I would demand Maria tell me what she saw in her vision this morning ,this time I am not taking no for an answer. Clide took off for his lesson, trigonometry. As Edward and Bella came to show me and Dominica to our next lesson I tried to make minimum eye contact with him.
“Umm...Bella I need to go to the front desk now because I need to inform them about our absence tomorrow.”
“Oh ok well will you be able to find your way to the class?” she seemed oddly worried about me.
“Yes I think I’ll manage?” I was smiling at her physically but mentally I was smiling at Edward. By the looks of it he realized and was smiling back at me. Since the vampire was out of the bag [almost] what was the point of that wall. Dominica looked like she wanted to tell me something urgently but did not want Edward to hear.
The hallways were deserted so I let lose running down. Unfortunately it only lasted about 2 seconds. I entered the office and there was a middle aged woman sating at the front desk. She seemed relatively calm until I walked in; I thought that she was going to have a heart attack. Hearing her heart beating at about hundred miles per hour. It made me concerned about her health I walked up to her cautionary, when I reached the desk I hesitated before talking. If anything happened it would be on my head.
“Umm miss, me and my siblings won’t be in school tomorrow.”
“O...o...that does ok do you has a reason.”She was so out of breath I could barely understand what she was saying.
“Umm...yes I do, won’t be in school tomorrow because we have a photo shoot scheduled in for tomorrow. Is that ok”
“Oh that is absolutely fine; I just need you to sign this.”
“Ok, thank you”
Before she even finished talking Clide walked in, her heart accelerated so much that suddenly their was just a very loud thud then their was silence. I was scared that she had died. I was already thinking up a way to dispose of the body without us being prosecuted. Then I heard the light beating of her heart. I took a large sigh of relive.
“What are you doing here?”Now that one crisis was done with i could deal with my brother.
“I heard, and thought someone was transforming”
The lady could not breathe yet so I don’t think she was listening to my conversation. She was busy trying to get her lungs to work.
“Well don’t you have a lesson to get to?”
“So do you”
“I ll go when you do”
“So that’s now”
Clide shot like a bullet down the hallway. Instantly I tapped into Dominique’s mind where she told me my way to the class room. When I got their the lesson had not even started yet. I walked up to the teacher and said
“Good afternoon sir, I believe I have something for you.”I handed him the little crisp piece of paper I had been handed this morning. We had to get it signed by all the teachers we had today. He seemed to not have heard what I said he was just staring. I was used to it by now. Dominique was cracking up, but she didn’t realize that she was being stared at too.
“Umm sir” I shook the paper at him so he could sign it. He looked me one more time in the eye then he signed it.
“So where should I sit?”I looked him in the eye too. Concern screaming from my eyes. He had the same reaction to me as the lad at the front desk. It got me wondering if it was intimidation or excitement there was only one way to find out. I went for an full on smile that I only ever saved for people like the president or Edward. I went a head with it any way. I smiled showing all my teeth. At that moment his heart accelerated to ten times the speed it should be. When it got to high I stopped. I learnt I had to be carful with theys humans around not just because of the blood element of things but also not attracting them unintensionaly.

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