The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1: First Impressions

Wow so the beginning of our new ‘life’. We like to give very distinct tag to ourselves on the first day of school. This one s according to Dominica is powerful. I personally think it should be down to earth. There is no disagreeing with her when she has her mind set on something she will not be discouraged (that’s why I was so grateful when she met Clide).

We decided (well my twin decided) that we would drive into school in my land rover because it was the most showy. So I and Clide did as we were told.

We arrived at school a lot earlier than Dominica was hoping for. So we got out of the car and Clide perched on the hood whereas I climbed onto the roof.

“Sorry I did not think it was relevant” I said to Dominica slightly smug. She scowled at me the stepped out of the car, slamming the door so hard that I thought the windows had shattered. I checked they were all intact.

“You did this on propose” she said to me through her teeth. It was always funny when she tried to control her anger. At the same time it made me want to bite her back.

It seemed like the loud sound of the door distracted everyone from what they were looking at. Everyone was now staring at us like knew they would for the rest of this week. Maybe longer because of the fact that we are ‘celebrities’’ .I’d rather call myself an artist I don’t enjoy the a-list life as much as Dominica. Just because we have won a couple of Grammy awards suddenly everyone thinks were heaven sent.

We were supposed to be getting a guide to show us around the school. I could hear the principal asking for volunteers wonder how they’re going to react to meting us? I wonder if they have ever heard of us.

The bell just went and the students dispersed in their various directions. There was one girl how seemed to be talking to someone, so she remained still. I continued to watch her for a couple of seconds were I saw that she had moved slightly but the boy remained perfectly motionless. It was very unusual for mortals to be this still; I concentrated more on his face now he was beautiful. Like nothing I have ever seen before his faultless carved features. It was amazing I could not look away, as if he had his own gravitational pull. It was power I could not control (Did I even try).His wild reddish brown hair windswept as if he had run to school. He reminded me of someone I once knew, someone I don’t wish to think about. Then I realised why I seemed to be unable to look away .There was something unnaturally sinister about him and it seemed to be pulling me in .He was beautiful, yes but not natural. He was just to perfect to be a normal human.

I had been singing a song in my head the whole time so Dominic would not find out what I was thinking about. At the last minute I lost control and in my head I said “It’s not natural.”

“What’s not natural?”Dominic said glancing up at me from under Clide’s arm. I had no idea she was listening to my thoughts. I was frazzled I had to say something but if I said anything she would know I was lying in my mind. “That girl over there her scent is unbearable.”I replied realising what I said was true her scent was unbearable.

“Wow, lucky we went hunting yesterday or there could have been...”she stopped mid sentence. It seemed like something had captured her attention. I looked at what she was glaring at; it was the girl she was walking towards us. Along with her presumably guessing by the way he was holding her ‘boyfriend’. The one I was looking at since the moment I drove in. She seemed to be walking at a snail pace to both me and Dominic.

So before we went mad I decided to walk up to her. The smell was more intense more painfully enticing.

He seemed to get the message and stated walking faster, pulling her forward. She struggled to keep the same pace as him. She tripped several times before they came to a stop. He was now mere centimetres away from me. I used as much mental strength as I own to look away from his face to talk to the girl.

“Hi, I am Kelli Williams. This is my sister Dominic and my brother Clide.” I said smiling but trying not to breath in to deeply.

“Hi I am Bella swan and I will be showing you the class rooms today.” she pushed her hair back as if she was scared of me already.”This is Edward, my fiancé. He is in almost all my classes and therefore in almost all your classes.”She looked up at him. I could now allow myself to look at him. He then smiled at her showing a row of pearl white glistening teeth. I was dazzled. Then he looked at me still smiling but he decided to hide the priceless gems behind his lips. His golden eyes were too powerful for me to handle. Instead I looked behind him at his car. It was a silver Volvo. He stretched out his hand to shake mine, reached out and shook his. He gave it a very slow carful shake. As if he thought i would fall apart if he did it any quicker. I finally looked away from his face and realized that his hands were ice cold they matched my temperature perfectly. I let my hand fall and he let go. I looked at my nails they resembled eagle talons (and the black nail polish did not help).I put my hands behind me.

“What lesson do we have do we have now? I did not check my planner so I was scrabbling for it I my bag.

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Comment by Amor Murilllo on January 24, 2011 at 12:06pm
Love it <3<3<3
Comment by Pamela Schumacher on November 18, 2010 at 5:41am
Oh boy, is there going to be trouble?? Hopefully not.

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