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I looked over the crowd once more, probly not the best idea. My face was hot. I couldn't cry. I wouldn'tcry. Not in front of these people. I wont let them get the best of me because I knew they feared me more then anything. Why stand here and do nothing you ask? I have nothing to fight for, not no more.


If this is my last moment, then I will live it. I looked back on many great memories my father, mother, little sister, and brother had together. One tear, just one tear I will shed. Not for them. No. For the ones I had just lost.


This indeed is a sad, romantic, and deep storey. I should start from the begganing but I want you to really try to see what had come. What had happend to my world. . .


Chapter 1:

It was the most beautiful day I had ever lived. I didnt know what to do. I didn't want to stay inside, thats for sure. I always wanted to explore the new area. 


The trees were bright green and the sun smiled down on mother earth. I pulled out my phone to see if my boyfriend wanted to come and explore with me. I didn't move to far from him. I guess it's good he has a drivers licens and his new birthday Mustang.


"Hey," I hear my little sister call after me. Her name is Lilly. She has thick black hair that never hung in her face. Her eyes were a pale brown eyes, kind'a creepy if I say so myself and her sikn was light like my mothers. "Wanna hang out?" She asked. Did I mention she was 13?


"Yeah, I was going to ask Kyle if he wanted to come over," I said with a smile. I had to be nice to Lilly. She lost her dad a while ago, plain crash. My mom said to take it easy on her but to be honest I never liked the guy. He was the last man I would ever see hurt my mother.  


"How about just us two?" Thats what I was affraid of. Being alone with Lilly was calming but awkward. She always had this way of making me smile when I was sad. She listend to me and I sometimes feel like I dont do that for her enough.


"Sure," I said with another smile.


We walked threw the woods in the back yard. I made sure the house was always in sight. I see to many scarey movies when those people get lost.


"How's school?" I asked.


"Same." Lilly didnt like to open up like I do. I guess thats why I get annoyed so fast. "People are telling me that our house is haunted. . .," she looked at me.


Our new house did have a creepy feeling but I thought nothing of it. Even if it's haunted that's awesome! I mean most people would want to move out but the could be the exitement I've been waiting for sence we moved to the boring town I didnt even bother to remember the name.


"Did you see that!?" Lilly asked frightend. She was in awe. I tried to look pasted the trees to what she was pointing at and got nothing.


"See what?" I asked. She better not be joking. I took a quick look back to see if I could see the house and I did. Thats when I saw it or him. . .

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Comment by Jordan Clement on February 15, 2011 at 4:23pm
shes write it is gud!
Comment by Sebastian<3Luver<3 (Crystal) on January 24, 2011 at 7:01am
This is really good! My favorite character is Lilly. (I'll never tell why! ;-)

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