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"Yeah," I said, "I'm fine. I just felt woozy." I walkd out the front door almost running down our street to the park. I knew Abraham would meet me so we could talk. I stopped by the bentch.


"Hey," I heared Abraham's voise. I didn't want to look up and meet his eyes. "What's wrong?"


"Did. . . umm," I said with a cracky voise, "My family, did they die because of Sam?" I cried one tear but wiped it before he could see. He grabbed my hand and hugged me making me sob into his shirt.


"No," he said calmly. "Sam didn't hurt your family." I pulled away to look at him. "I really do wish you wouldn't look for this. This is the reason why you left." I looked down.


"Did I hurt them?" I couldn't see myslef doing that but if Sam didn't hurt them it would have to be me. Right?




"Stay over."


After dinner I ran upstairs to see if Abraham was there. He stood by my window. I could stair at him all day at his beauty.


"Why did you pick me?" I asked closing my door. "Out of all those beautful angels why me?"


"When those beautiful angels were placed infront of me to pick I saw that although they chose me I had no disire for any of them." He said still looking out the window. "My friend Chris said 'This was the moment. The one I chose I'll be with forever.' That sort of worried me. If I chose the wrong one I would have to learn to love them because well I was stuck with them." He sighed and turned around to face me. "I looked at the row of angels and looked down to think. And when I looked down I saw this beautiful girl in a green dress sitting in the park staring up at me. Although I knew she couldn't really see me I saw her."


He came across my small room and kissed my head. I smiled and just about cried. I loved hearing his storie. The storie of being this amazing angel and finding a once human girl to love.


"Tell me the storie." I wispered. He sat on my bed while I curled into a ball on his lap like a little kid hearing a new bed time storie.


"Well," He said in his 'storie voise'. "There was this angel named Abraham. God made him to become a wonderful worrier. Abraham did become that worrie. He fought evil hundreds of times. When the day came he was known to be a great angel and he was to be married very soon. He looked everywhere for her and found no one that truely fit him. The wedding day came quickly and the counsil instead in a picking.


"Girl angels would get to chose 1-5 angels and if the first didn't work they would move to the next. Now Abraham had lots of girls to chose from. 5 girls were placed infront of him. The first had blond hair, blue eyes, and small lips. Her soul glowed almost white.  The next one had red hair, dark brown eyes, and losts of freckles. Her soul glowed almost a gold. The third one had black hair, light brown eyes, and pink cheeks. Her soul glowed a light blue. The forth had light brown hair, hazel eyes, and was quiet tall. Her soul glowed a light pink. The last one had short golden hair, light green eyes, and she was tiny. They all were very beautiful.


"Still Abraham had to chose. His very close friend told him, 'Abraham, once you pick this is it. Every other girl will be invisable.' That worried him. Abraham scratched his head and looked down to think for a moment. Just then he saw this perfect human girl looking up at him. She wore this green dress and white hat with a light green bow that made hair hazel eyes a deep green. Her profile was perfect but her long brown hair and face pulled everything together." He reach down and touched my hair.


"Her rosey cheeks made her eyes big and beautiful." I leaned up to meet his lips. "Then he didnt care about the rest of those angels. He looked upon her every day to see if she was healthy and happy. Then she married the wrong man. He could tell she wanted no children with him but he wanted that very much.


"Finely Abraham got the corrage to fly down and meet her but he crashed into her Chicken Coop." We both laughed. "She was frightend at first but they saw each other every day when her husban left for work. They fell in love." He kissed my head once more. "Now sleep my love." He wispered and I did. . .


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Comment by Jordan Clement on February 15, 2011 at 5:29pm
:) how sweet!

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