The Twilight Saga

I stood back up trying to pull myself together. I ran back outside and saw them. They flew into the air soring. Their wings were black but all so diffrent. Their eyes was full of hate till it turn them black. They were demonds.


I covered my mouth to keep myself from screaming. I ran to the house on the right. I knocked loud enough I could hear the knocks in the woods. No one answered. I ran to the next one and did the same. I gave up on the fourth house when my knees went weak. What happend to everybody?


"Hey," I looked up from my wet hands and there she was, my sister Cathrin. "Why such a long face?" she asked with a chiming voise. She wore a bright pink dress. Her hair was longer and her smile was just as beautiful.


"Cathrin?" I stood up looking at her. "But you're died."


"Emily," she said touching my hair, "you cant be here. A war is upon you. Mother and Father have been watching you." A tear ran down, then one more. "Please, I need you to go back home and stay there."


"But," before I could say anything a tree crashed infront of almost falling on me! She disapperied. "Cathrin!" 


I did as I was told. I remember hearing tornado sirens go off and there it was, right above my house a mosterest tornado formed sucking every memorey in that house up into the skys. You would never guess who I saw smiling right next to it, Nepea. I could amost hear her chilling laugh.


"STOP!" I screamed at her. I was just a weak human who could barely convince herself that she was beautiful. I rased my hands in the  air knowing but hoping something would stop her. A flash of light blinded me.


After the tornado cleared up I was standing infront of my husban's farm house. Now, I am not remembering anything I'm back to my real time. The years I should've died in but didn't because of Nepea.


My hands were still up and I heared a scream of a little girl behind me, "Witch!" she screamed. She ran to her parents on their lawn and they staired at me horrorfied. I stood in a long lavendar colored dress. My hair was a bit messy from the wind. I know that I did not stop this with my hands but it was pointless to tesstify.


"Emly Karreana," the juge said in a discusted voise, "your exacution is tomarrow for the for seen of witch craft and harming us all with this majict," he slammed down the what looked like a wooden meat pounder on his desk of pride.

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Comment by Jordan Clement on March 7, 2011 at 10:22pm
O mi gosh

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