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The tornado sucked my family's soul to the skys. I had no one. I couldn't think about Abraham but I knew he had done this but I have no idea how. All in all, I was the last.


They put me in a ugly, long, grey dress ready for the exuction. I sat in the celler for a moment when I heard the voice I dreaded for a long time but missed.


"Emily," Abraham wipered to me. I didnt want to turn around and see no one thinking I was crazy. "I love you."


"I hate you, Abraham," I said threw my teeth quietly. Still not turning around to face a wall.


"I am sorry for falling in love with you," Abraham's voice was not sarcastic but sad and sincer. "I did this for you."


"You took everything from me for me? That sounds like love," I wispered back. I couldn't bare to hear his voice and not see him but I was not crazy enough to turn.


"You are back to your really time. I couldn't put you threw what you were about to do. Napea agreed to put you back in time so that you still remeber the future but you will have to die like you were supose to." I turned and there he was standing beautiful as ever. I couldnt stand this, this space between us.


"Thank you," I wispered to him with a smile.


"Hey! No talking!" The gard yelled shaking my cell door. "Its time."



I looked over the crowd once more, probly not the best idea. My face was hot. I couldn't cry. I wouldn'tcry. Not in front of these people. I wont let them get the best of me because I knew they feared me more then anything. Why stand here and do nothing you ask? I have nothing to fight for, not no more.


These unknow humans want my life dripping from a rope. I did as well. I thought of my family before I disided to give up myself. My beautiful sister, Cathrin, my handsum brother, Johnithan, my sweet mother, Rosemary, and my brave father, Timothy. All our great moments.


Then there was Abraham. The love of my life. The one who truely cared for me as I did for him. I began to step on to the creaky wooden platform. I continued to think about him. The way he held me and his lips to mine. The way his sweet voice sounded and his soft sickn touched but the tear I saw, the golden tear for me I will always remember.


They place a bag over my head making sure I wont 'cast any spells'. In me being a victum I cared less because I can't loose whats been lost.


I closed my eyes and whispered, "I love you, Abraham. Always and forever."






Thank you for reading my first finished storey!

Please Comment what parts you like!



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Comment by Jordan Clement on March 7, 2011 at 10:28pm
It was an all around amazing story. Im kinda sad to see it end. But i loved the ending. Great job AnaIsabel!
Comment by bekkii cullen on March 7, 2011 at 2:31pm
Amazing :) i love the story if your into this kinda book read fallen by lauren kate. it was perfect short but you wouldnt want it any different. you should get somebody to rdit it for you there are tons of editors on this site :P
Comment by bekkii cullen on March 7, 2011 at 2:30pm
Amazing :) you should get someone to edit it for you. i loved it it was short but perfect :)

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