The Twilight Saga

The bass lines hit and the croud went crazy. I looked at the stars obsorbing everyone's energy. I smiled feeling like I'm about to take flight. I even laughed under my breath about all this joy.


"Hey, Em!" I heared Silver yell for me or at least try. "You thirsty?!"


"No thanks!" I turned to Abraham ad smiled. I'm not hungry. It's been a mounth so far. Everything seems to be going great. I only drink about a tea spoon of blood from a lovig sister. Only Lilly knows about me. It's going to be my birthday soon! Im going to be 255 years old.


I still don't know how my family died and I try to dream my way there but end up seeing Abraham and I sitting on my lazy green lawn. He would tell me how beautiful I was and that I was now all he desired. I felt the same way but I was affriad someone or thing was going to take him from me.


"Mom?" I sat down on the stool at the counter.


"Yeah," she said not even turning from the pot of green chilie she was making.


"I'm," I wanted to say im in love! That every reason for me to run away again was gone. "I'm going to the park." I stood up to walk away but a memorie flashed into my mind.


I was sitting in the atic looking out the circle window. My heart was pumping as I looked upon my family. They were on my husban's front lawn crying and shaking. I wanted to look away but I couldn't withdraw my eyes.


My husban took my mom first and asked her who I was seeing behind his back. You see my family did not want one thing to do with him. They feared him but he had lots of money and he was tuff. He was almost 6feet tall with strong muscles that could rip his shirt if he flexed. Every girl in my old town dreamed of marring him but I had no intrest in him. They say guys want what they cant have.


She didn't say anything so he moved to my dad who showed no fear. Sam repeated the question and my father said not one word.


"I do not see or seek a reason why you could not ask our daughter instead of striking fear in my family." I looked at my older sister. She was so beatiful. Her light brown hair reached her hips and her thin figure did not shake the least bit. Next to her were her two kids. They were twins, Tyler and Troy. They were about 4 years old. I just about jumped threw the window to save them.


I stood up from the dusty chair in the atic and ran down stairs. I wasn't thinking anything but my family. I felt something was going to indanger my family. I flew down the stairs and out the front door. 


"What are you doing?" Sam asked me. I never really stood up to him but I did my own thing. 


"I want you guys inside. It's cold." I walked over to my sister. "Come in." Sam didn't show anger when I went up to him because he knew if he did I would be gone. We went inside our house and sat in the living room. "Would any of you like tea?"


"I would," my mom said. I walked into the kitchen heating our new stove. It quiet in the room. When the tea was ready I quickly took it to the room. "Thank you darling."


"Emily," I heared my mom call me with worry. When I snapped back I almost started to cry. "You alright dear?"


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Comment by Jordan Clement on February 15, 2011 at 5:23pm
lots of flashbacks, lol. i like them though

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