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love is blind and hurt full and painfull

as the night shines and the moon comes out i think so my self what kind of world would this be if there were peace but as the sun rises and the sun come out what kind of world would this be if people apreaceated the beautiful nature and the thangs in life we love but see that is another thang love blinds us to the point where we love that person so much that even thow they hurt us and even thow they lie and make us cry we dont care becuse we live them when they r around and that they hold us and tell us what we need to hear but under neath it all they dont mean it and they dont really care they just wont us to think they do so we will not see the real them under neath is all. becuse see i love this guy and he makes me cry and even thow he dose all that i still love him like there is no sunrise and he knows i would die for him and love he and be there for him but all he dose is say what i wont to hear and not what he really feels and when you look at it from my point of view it is like im in love with no one like im the only one trying like im the only one how really cares enough to hurt and go throw all the pain and sorrow so i ask my self what do i wont to i wont to countune hurting and crying and be lie to and have a broken heart hurt or do i wont to be happy and enjoy life and find some one how will mean all the thangs he says and make me happy? see but im a broken hearted girl and i have been hurt alot and my wost fear i have is being alone. so as much as he hurts ma and as much as he lies to me i dont wont to lose him becuse i love him so much im scared if i do i wont have nothen left so i leave it at this what do i do and how do i do it when its so hard i will break my heart in the procces of doing it?

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Comment by jazzmenlee94 on June 19, 2011 at 8:51pm
thank u

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