The Twilight Saga

~~Chapter 3~~
It turned out, the only classes I had with her other than language was social studies and science. Without me she had math, gym, and art. But I told Hayley I would fix that, and I did. I went to the office and told the office lady I was being bullied in my classes and asked her to get them changed. She said ok and I told her which classes I wanted, making them all Hayley's classes. But of course, she didn't know that.
At lunchtime she sat at my table, along with Keith and several other friends. They seemed to like her, so that was good. I found out she moved here from Ohio. Her dad got a new job here. Her mom was still in Ohio, but would be coming here in a week or so. Hayley said she was a lot closer to her mom than her dad, so it was a little awkward to be completely alone with her dad. I told her she was free to come over any time she wanted. She said tonight would be fine.
We talked to each other a lot in all our classes, and I found out many cool, but random, things about her. Like that she is allergic to egg salad (weird, huh) and she is a vegitarian (just like me! haha). Her hobbies are reading, swimming, and volleyball. So of course I had to tell her my hobbies and stuff. I told her I like football, swimming, and running. Good thing she doesn't know how hard I throw / kick in football, how fast I can swim and how long I can stay underwater (forever), and how fast I can run. I'm pretty fast compared to my family and other vampire friends.
Then I started daydreaming about her coming over tonight. I was in some happy daze and the teacher asked me, "John, what is the capital of Canada?"
And Hayley had to shake me and get me out of the daze and whisper that the teacher was asking me something. I mumbled, "False?" Everyone started cracking up. I was confused, but it was kind of funny. I tried not to burst out laughing.
"After-school detention, John, for not paying attention!" the social studies teacher yelled.
Great. So much for Hayley coming over after school. She looked almost mad. But that couldn't be about me, could it? Nah, impossible, right? Then I started to doubt that last thought.

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Comment by Mrs. Cullen Pattinson on October 26, 2009 at 9:09pm
why dOes she lOOks mad??

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