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Okay, well, I'm not always right, which is a good thing right now. Hayley wasn't mad at me, but at our social studies teacher. She did something you really shoudln't do with Ms. Wagoner.
She stomped up to her and started yelling, "Hey, why do you have to be so strict? All the other teachers are NICE in this grade and would just have told him to pay attention! Why do you have to be so mean?" Then she just walked back, calmly and slowly, back to her desk and looked around like nothing had happened.
Ms. Wagoner, looking confused and embarassed, suddenly had an evil look on her face.
"After-school detention for you, too, Hayley." But that couldn't be it. Ms. Ms. Wagoner was one to give speeches.
"Hayley, I thought you were a nice, shy, polite girl. But I guess you can't judge a book by its cover. I didn't think this would be the way a new girl on the first day of school should act...but I guess I was wrong. That is all." She finished speaking, but gave Hayley a glare for several minutes straight. Kinda weird.
When social studies was over, and we walked out of the classroom, Hayley said, "I don't think I like Ms. Wagoner." And we both started cracking up.
At detention, just the two of us and Coach Murphy, since there was no talking allowed, Hayley and I just gazed at each other and made goofy faces. It was hard not to laugh out loud. I knew I was in love with her, even in just a day.

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Comment by Mrs. Cullen Pattinson on October 26, 2009 at 9:10pm
AWW.. he iis SO sweet

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