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When we got downstairs, I introduced Hayley to my parents, Elizabeth and Loren, and my two sisters, Marie and Jessica, and everyone had some small talk for a few minutes. Finally, I told them why we really came down there.
"Well, guys," I said, "you know about us...leaving. Because of my- uh, skin disease that will not let me be in the sun for too long, where do you think we should go that allows me to actually be outside for a while without getting sick?"
Marie was the first to talk. "Skin disease? What are you talking about? We can't be in the sun because we're v--" she cut off by my glare. "Ohhhh, she doesn't know. Whoops, sorry!" she said quickly. Hayley looked confused. She glanced up at me, hoping I would explain to her what Marie was talking about. But I didn't. Of course not. I wouldn't tell her unless I had to, or at least until we became so close she hopefully wouldn't mind.
My mother, Elizabeth, quickly started talking, hoping Hayley would forget about the odd thing Marie had said. "Well, Loren, can you think of anywhere?" she asked, looking at him. He shook his head.
"Well, I know Seattle is pretty sunless and rainy," Jessica said for the first time. Hayley nodded.
"Yeah, I remember hearing that in social studies. Seattle is know for being sunless and really rainy. I think that would be a good pick." Hayley said, looking up at me to see if I approved. I thought for a minute, then nodded.
"All right, we'll head to Seattle first. We might move around a little to different places, but we'll start off there." I said. If my family could cry, they would be crying right now. I knew they were going to miss me.
"Keep in touch," my mom choked. I told her I would. Then I asked Hayley to go ahead to the car- I wanted a minute with my family before I left. After she walked out, I first went to Marie. "I swear, I'm gonna kill you!" I said. She usually would have come back with some sarcastic remark, but at the look on my face she knew I wasn't kidding. "Do you see what you did?" I half-shouted. She nodded sadly. I don't know if she was faking it or if she really was sorry. I tried to forget about it. I went over to my parents and hugged them, and then hugged Jessica, and finally agreed to hug Marie.
"We'll miss you," Jessica said, and my dad agreed by saying, "We really will, John. Tell us when you're ready for us to come wherever you are." I promised him I would, and then I walked out the door. This would be the last time I would see this house. It made me sad, but when I thought about Hayley, I felt a little better.

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