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When I talk to my friends about Edward, the Cullens and the whole story of Twilight, I watch them glazing over and just responding in the hope I will finish. And they ask me what's so special about it all? And that's when I realise that I could try and explain it until I am blue in the face, but they still wouldn't get it, because only true Twilighters, and true romantics will understand. I would like to consider myself as both a Twilighter and a romantic.

Anyone that has read and watched the Twilight saga will of course interpret the story in their own way and will have their own opinions. But to me Edward Cullen is the epitome of what love is. You see to me love is everything, its why we survive each day, and why we live each day. The love a mother has for her child, the love a brother has for a sister. And of course there is that other type of love, that feeling that is so intense that it feels like your heart is going to rip out of your chest. It is realising that before this person came along, you barely existed, and if this person ever left you would disintegrate into nothingness, because having that persons love and protection is what keeps your heart beating, and what gives you meaning in life.

And this love can be summed up in one word, Edward! His love for Bella is astonishing, he doesn't ever want to live without her, and yet he will not turn her into what he has become. He will do whatever he can to keep her safe. He is the strongest man in mind and physical power, he leaves her to make her safe from the trouble that follows him, sacrificing his heart for her life. His brown eyes like fire burning into your inner soul.

So you see that's why Twilight and Edward is so important to me, the fact that Edward a supposed evil creature of darkness, is in fact love in human form, just proves that love is the essence of everything, good and evil. And Edward is truly the supreme being he is love in all forms.


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