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"Hey Maggie, whats up?"

"Hey, nothing. Do you want to hang out later after school?"

"Sure my house?"

"Yeah, parents."

Colin is taller than me, about 6-foot last time I checked. He has short brown hair, that always sticks up, and grey-blue eyes. He is strong, definite 6-pack, maybe 8. He is gorgeous and girls like him, he just doesn't know it because they don't talk to him. Everyone thinks we are together, let them think what they want.

Colin and I meet at the front of the school every day. We talk for almost 10 minutes then go inside to homeroom. We don't get to see each other until lunch again, so the morning is a drag.

I went to my locker and got my books for my first three periods. Then I walked to homeroom.

Usually I draw in homeroom. After attendance, I go to first period, math, and draw the whole time there too.

I was drawing when the first period bell rang and Mr. Shey came in.

"Students, we have a new classmate coming in today. I expect you all to be nice and treat him like you would your friends."

Just as he finished, Mrs. Joseph, the principal, walked in with a boy right behind her.

He was even more gorgeous than Colin, with dark brown hair, kind of spiked. He had crimson red eyes, which were intimidating and beautiful at the same time. They had to be contacts.He was kind of tall, between 5'11'' and 6-foot. Taller than me for sure.

He looked around the room at us, and stopped at me. I kind of smiled at him and he smiled back.

"Class this is Jackson Monteith. Jackson, here are your books and find an empty seat."

He looked at me again, and came and sat right next to me. He said, "Hi, I'm Jackson."

"Hey. I'm Maggie." I was super surprised because no one ever talks to me, but it looked like we had the same taste so we might get along.

Mr. Shey started talking, so I started drawing again. It was a rose. I could see Jackson glancing in my direction every once on a while, and then he pulled out a piece of paper and started writing. Then he put the paper, folded in half, on my desk. We started writing notes.


Jackson:Your drawing is really good.

Maggie: Thx. Do you draw?

Jackson:No, but I like your drawing.

Maggie: Thx, what are you into?

Jackson: I write songs and short stories.

Maggie: Aww! Sappy.:P

Jackson: Haha, very funny.

Maggie: I'm just joking, that's cool.

Jackson: Thx, I do poetry too.

Maggie: I would love to hear one of ur songs or read a poem or story.


We kept passing notes for the rest of class. After that we had trigonometry, home economics, then lunch.

Right before home ec. ended I said, "Every day I meet my friend Colin by my locker and we eat lunch together. Do you want to eat lunch with us?"

He said, "Yeah, sure. Who else would I sit with."

We went back to our lockers and waited for Colin at my locker. He showed up a couple minutes after Jackson came to my locker. (His locker is a little ways down the hall from me, so I showed him where my locker was and we met up there.)

Colin came up to us and said, "Hey Mags, are you ready for lunch? Who is this?"

"Colin, this is Jackson. Jackson, this is Colin. Jackson is new, we met this morning in math," I said looking at Colin, trying to figure him out. I was hoping he would be nice to a possible new friend. I didn't know how he was with people because nobody has ever wanted to be friends with us. He stuck out his hand to shake and said, "Hey, nice to meet you. Are you having lunch with us?"

I think both Jackson and I were surprised so he kind of stuttered, "Sure if you don't mind. I don't really have many friends."

"C'mon then."

Jackson looked at me and I just shrugged. I didn't think he would be so accepting.

We started going outside, and Jackson looked at me questioningly. I said, "We eat outside for a few reasons. One, so people can't make fun of us. Two, We can never find a table where just the two of us can sit. And three, we just don't like people and all the noise. "

" Oh those are all good reasons," but he still looked confused.

We sat down on grass, me leaning against the tree with Jackson to the right of me and Colin standing up. I ate a granola bar, then listened to music. After a couple minutes, Jackson pulled out my earbud and asked, "Aren't you going to eat?"

I looked down then said, "I don't really eat, food makes me naucious."

"Oh," is all he said, like he was confused or something.

After lunch, Colin and I had language arts and woodshop together. Homeroom and art I had on my own. I said goodbye and went to homeroom. I like art best because it is basically just more of my own downtime. We are working on sketches. I already knew what a sketch was by 4th grade, so I don't need to listen, just figure out what to draw.

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