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Hearing heals clap against the tile floor behind the door my attention was on my unknown bulge that appeared out of no where. The bulge wasn't the only motivation to gaze upon my big belly but moving was a feeling inside myself. I couldn't look at Omar because I knew his hands placed on my stomach next to mine felt the same thing.


Finely, I felt something deep inside my chest. I'm scared, but how could this be? How does a seed grow that fast in my womb or anyones for that matter? Not only that but why is my body so inconsistent? Omar's touch to me is not cold but warm and soothing. My eyes pick out every detail it sets upon and my smell increased by millions. Most of all, when my hand found the place where my heart should be my heart could only beat so fast. . .


"I know you rather not do this but I need you Omar," a chiming voice called from the white door. "Luna. . ."- a sigh fell out as if annoied with my discovery-"just stay here, please."


"Stay where?" Finely ripping my eyes from my belly raising my voise. She wore hot pink heals with a solid black skirt and T. April stare was blank and anoying. "I don't even know where I am or whats going on." Cluching my teeth from the burn I felt deep with in my mouth, as if fire were crowling down to my foodless stomach.


"Well I really dont care for your irrevent thoughts." Her chiming voice became irritaded. For the first time in a while I spoke what I thought. Not like that matters, the fact that April 'carries a gift' gets old quick. "On another note"- rolling her golden eyes- "your very hungry and we aren't so positive on what food choise should feed both you and that." Now pointing at my bulge. Quickly to defend my bulge I couldn't find what to say.


"A good idea would be food." Turning away beganing to woble back to the brown bed with the help of Omar's soft hand.


"So your staying here while we go to talk." Not much of a question but more of a demand.


"Any other choices?" I sighed falling back down to the bed not much tired. Omar gasped at my recklessness.


"Go to sleep, Luna." hearing the claping of her heals followed by Omar till the noise dimmed to silence. Trying not to think of my next moves I quickly open the window facing a front yard with a street sign just down the street. Moving quickly out the window, not like theres anything werid about a girl with a unknown bulge coming out of her tummy climb out a small window with a dress on, nope not werid. Reaching the green sign a car honked at me with a yell.


It was my sister.

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Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on September 30, 2011 at 2:28am
oh wow this is gr8 please keep me updated and add me as a friend

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