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That night, that beatiful night turned into something horrid. The dark took over my big green eyes and stabbed a nife into my weak heart. It was not that the pain was already atrocious but this women, this women I didn't even know camed to consume my once bright, loving soul.


Ha! You may not leave me for the soil to devour my now lovely corpes! If you must, call me mad! I shall relive, I shall beggan birth once more. This is where I shall tell you how I met him. How I met the man who disided my fate by a glance in my direction. How my dear baby became one of me.


Chapter: One

The summer just started and I was delighted at the beautiful weather that had appeared. The wind whispered in the air while the flowers sang beautiful songs. I wanted nothing but to look up at the blue sky and envied the birds that happyly chirped through the clouds. My desires took off with the breeze that swooped by.


There he stood. How I wished to be beautiful as he were. He must have've been edmired by humans every day like myself. He was quite pale but had little blue eyes that looked like ice giving me chills. He wore dark jeans with a blue plaid shirt. His hair was dark, almost black. His smile gave me nothing but confidencs that I was desidered by him. Little did I know he did want something.


"Hello," his voise made my heart skip across the green grass. This was not the only time I couldnt feel my toung. Jimmy Jones 2nd grade came to me and asked for a goldfish so I through the bag at him. I didn't hold a bag of gold fish anyways so why so affraid? Well I've seen the guy before; don't remember where but who would forget that lovely face as his.


"Hi," was the best I could do. I sat up from the grass and welcomed him to sit with me and so he did.


"Sorry for just dropping by," he said not embaressed at all.


"Have we met?" I asked. I really do wish we had so I wouldn't feel like some stranger had walked up to me just to say hi.


"No," he said looking down. Then turned back to me with a charming smile. "I'm Omar," he put his hand out for me to shake.


"I'm Luna." I smiled back. My hand reached out to touch his and as I did so his hand turned into ice while the clouds turned black he smiled delighted. Chills overcame the warmth that once held.


"Luna," he breathed into the now silent park. "Do you care to see the moon?" I looked up into the dark sky and I saw the most breath taking full moon. I stood up quickly backing away from this stranger. My house only stood a block away, as I chased for it all I could think about was his voice. It echoed threw my head. I was running so slow i got so tired right as I stood infront of my house I hear a whisper. . ., "Do you care to see the moon?" I fell to my knees and blacked out.

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Comment by ashmeena sulaman on May 6, 2011 at 6:30pm

awesum beginning!

u should continue!! is a nice beginning and mystical also...alll the more reason i wanna read it..haha

pls continue!


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