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There are many "breeds" of lycanthrope in the world- some can turn at will, while others require a specific trigger, such as the light of the full moon. The one we'll be dealing with today are the much-beloved Hollywood werewolves that turn with the full moon. These are known as Moon Turns.


The earliest mentioned instance of a Moon Turn is in the 1600s. No one knows who he was or how he came about, but popular theory suggests that it was a man who made a pact with a forgotten wolfgod.

The Curse
Moon Turns can make more of their kind by biting a person while in their transformed state, assuming the victim survives the attack.
Initially, the victim will be sick with infection from the bite. But the key difference between a normal wolf bite and a werewolf bite is that the latter heals unnaturally fast.
As the month goes on, the victim becomes increasingly violent and irritable, and also develops more wolf-like characteristics, such as sharp nails on the hands and feet, thick, shaggy hair, and pointed teeth. He may also act wolf-like (chasing animals, "inappropriate" sniffing of strangers, growling and bearing of teeth when irritated, etc.).
Note that it is only possible to purge the curse before the first transformation; after that, it's permanent.

Association with the moon
No one is sure why Moon Turns phase with the moon, but there is no denying that they have a distinct connection with it. Moon Turns become more aggressive and wolfish in the time leading up to the full moon, and conversely become more sedate in the time after, being at their calmest during the new moon. Some of the more feral ones take to worshiping the heavenly body and give themselves over completely to its pull.

The Change
Very very painful. It isn't terribly uncommon for a Moon Turn to black out the first couple of changes from the pain.

There honestly aren't that many striking differences between the average human and a Moon Turn when the latter is unchanged, but there a few common characteristics that all Moon Turns share, such as a broad chest and shoulders, thick nails, and body hair (where and when applicable). The area at the base of the spine is also very sensitive, as this is where their tail grows from.
When changed, a Moon Turn looks "stuck" halfway between wolf and human. The upper body is built like that of a human, but the legs are a different story, in that it's built more like the hind leg of a dog and as such forces them to walk on their toes.
Their teeth, surprisingly enough, more closely resemble those of a hyena than a wolf.
Aside from the affliction, the average Moon Turn isn't much different from the average human. They have homes, jobs,  and friends and family that love and care for them (though it's not likely they know about the affliction). But they tend to seclude themselves during the nights of the full moon so they don't hurt or kill anyone they care about (for some strangers are "fair game").
The newly bitten ("New Turns" or "pups") are the most dangerous. They're not in control of themselves and can go from viciously attacking someone to running away in fear in the blink of an eye.
It isn't uncommon for Moon Turns living in the same area to group together during the full moon. The oldest is usually the one that does the grouping, and usually out of a desire to keep the younger ones from doing something that could kill them, like attacking another person. Some don't care, and in fact revel in causing chaos.
About 2:1
This is because men are, for one reason or another, more likely to get themselves attacked by Moon Turns.

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