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You know in the third book when Jacob kisses Bella? Well she punches him and cfomes home with a broken hand. She tells Charlie what happens and he's all like "good for you Jacob" What kind of father is that. jacob kisses his daughter, she punches him, and he congradulates Jacob. Where is the sympathy, yelling, and tears? I honestly don't know what to make of his reaction! :( So does any one agree with me? Sure it is a minor detail but i seriously think he would love to have Jacob marry Bella. It's probably his dream husband for her. Now Edward get kicked outlike twice and this is what Jecob gets? Charlie is just a teensy odd for a parent. Usually he is strict and then so nice when he doesn't get that mad at Bella. Here he is a very irresponsible parent. I got to hand it to him he is a forgiving dad accualy a great onbe most of the time. (Except for his cooking) :) ha ha

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