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Mary Alice Brandon And how she came to be

Do they really think shock therapy and being stuck in a little dark room will help with the bright, colorful, wonderful visions from a nineteen year old? The only reason they’re wonderful is because I’m in a little dark room. They show me what’s going on outside. At least, they show me what might be going on later. But still, they show me something new. You know, outside this little room in this little asylum.
I get 3 meals a day, I’m not allowed outside this little room, and Jordan, a worker here, is the only person that visits me anymore, and I just can’t escape. My door stays locked all the time. When I first arrived (against my will, my parents made me), I was introduced to all the staff and patients, was told “when the visions improve (as they start to go away), you can start coming out of your room, and after two weeks, if the visions don’t return, you may leave.”
The visions never left, and I’ve never left my room. In the beginning, my parents and little sister visited every day. I was happy. But, as the days grew to weeks, their visits slowed, then, on the final visit ever, my seventeen year old sister Cynthia told me she couldn’t visit anymore. Our parents wouldn’t let her. They thought I would get better within a week or two. They began thinking I was contagious just because it took longer than a couple weeks for the little part of me that forever stays to disappear. She hugged me, and then she was gone. I missed her. For a while, the visions were worst. Sharper. More accurate. No matter what though, I could never see Jordan. I wondered if he was different from everyone, like me, but more subtle. Lucky for me, Jordan was the one that came in everyday to give the food out. He had his own little way of ‘announcing’ his appearance. When he decides to come to my ‘room’, my future disappears until he’s gone. He’s a vision-blocker. I've never told anyone, even him, about that incase it gave me even more oh-so-joyful attention and more shock treatment.
The shock treatments that I'm given every two to three days mess with every part of my brain except for the vision part. I keep trying to tell them that, but they don’t listen. If there was a robbery, I’d be the most unreliable person out of the staff members and me. If there was going to be a robbery, I’d still be ignored.

1. Last Visit

“Do you want to take a walk outside?” Cynthia asked after all the greetings were announced.
I agreed, blissful that she asked. The only time I was allowed out of my room was when I had to go to the shock therapy, the bathroom, and when I had family with me. I couldn’t even go outside of my room with a staff member. Cynthia and I walked around and around. We even did a couple monkey bars and slid down the slide on they asylum playground. It was a gorgeous spring day, and being with my sister made me feel whole.
Before we walked back into the dark room, Cynthia pulled me into a death grip hug. “Can’t... breathe” I whispered jokingly. She pulled back, and I saw tears filling her eyes and running down her cheeks. “What’s wrong, Cynthia?” I asked, worried.
“Mom and Dad aren’t going to let me come back! They didn’t want you to know because they thought you would do something dangerous out of depression” she sobbed into my shoulder. “They don’t think it’s worth a five minute trip to see their oldest daughter!” I knew I should’ve seen it coming, but I didn’t. How had I missed that?? It’s a life-changing event!
“Its only been a week, though” I told her as I hugged her until she calmed down. She didn’t respond. We walked into the room together, the good-byes were exchanged, and they were gone. I would never see them again.
Two seconds after the door closed, I felt unease. Something was missing. It took me a minute to realize that the *click*of the lock locking wasn’t there, which meant…
I ran over to the door, and carefully twisted the knob. The door was unlocked! Cynthia was the last out, and I loved her more than I ever loved her before. By using the visions, I avoided everyone who would send me back to my room. I stole some socks from the laundry room and some shoes from the closet, and head out the revolving doors. Cynthia was looking right at the doors, waiting for me. Our parents didn’t bother to look at the building their oldest daughter lived as they drove away from it, so it was safe for me to just walk out. I looked around me for a minute, and then blew kisses to my only sister as I ran to the playground to go on the slide and monkey bars.
It wasn’t long until the clouds began taking over the sky. It began getting colder, and I heard people calling my name. I knew I wasn’t capable of running away, I didn’t have anywhere to go, and, visions or no visions, I’d be hunted down, posted as a ‘highly dangerous runaway from the asylum’. I could literally see that as headline news. So, I sat there, waiting for someone to come get me.
After a few minutes, I couldn’t see my future, yet I sensed it wasn’t Jordan’s interference that made that so. I looked around me, and saw two deep crimson eyes between the two bushes. Before I could blink, they were gone. Jordan appeared then, looking worried. “Alice!” he cried out, and then jogged to me. I kept glancing toward where the crimson eyes were, and so did Jordan. I hoped, yet didn’t hope, that I wasn’t imagining them, since he glanced there too.
A breeze came toward my face, and Jordan stiffened. “Let’s go back. Everyone’s worried sick for you.” And back we went.
He wasn’t kidding when he said everyone. Jordan was cheered for for finding me, and everyone began hugging me so tight you’d think I was a life rope.
I walked back to my room with what felt like my own personal escort of Jordan and five other staff members that were glad I was alive and there.
When the door closed this time, I heard the deliberate click of the lock. I sighed, and fell asleep, thinking about the crimson eyes I saw in the bushes.

2. Protection

Jordan was coming into my room more than usual, and whenever I asked him why, he would change the subject. He was the kind of person who had eye color patterns. Over the course of two weeks, his eyes would range from topaz to coal black. He hated sunlight, never ate anything around anyone, and was the most mysterious person in the building. No one brings it up though. We all just guess what we guess and leave it at that.
Life went on that way, except for one thing, which was that Jordan spent less and less time with me. By the end of that week, he didn’t show up in the room except for when he delivered my food. He became indifferent, and acted as if I was simply a statue to polish, and nothing else.
After a month, I became absorbed in my visions, trying to build power. Shock therapy did nothing but confuse dates and times, which didn’t matter to me. I was able to have the visions anytime I wanted, I was able to suppress them if I wanted to seem normal, and I was able to see things about anything I wanted. Before I knew it, I was 22. Three whole years went by as I was holed up in this room, only leaving to use the restroom and to get shock therapy.
I think it was around midnight when I heard a creak of the floorboard. I sought for my future out of habit, and found…nothing. I was worried. “Jordan?” I asked nobody, hoping with all my life it was him. No creak of the floorboard, no reassurance. The lock clicked and I spoke up. “Jordan?” I panicked. The door stopped, and I heard a ferocious growl. I sat in terror and clueless ness as I waited for the outcome. After a few minutes of growling, creaking floorboards, and incoherent yelps, the door fully opened. It was just Jordan. “Yes?” he asked as if the past few minutes never happened.
“Sorry.” I whispered bewildered. “Bad dream.”
Jordan nodded, and then walked out the door, clicking the lock shut. I fell restlessly asleep, scared. I still couldn’t see my future, but I could see Cynthia’s. She was going to be pregnant with a cute baby girl. I sat there looking out for Cynthia, the only person who attempted to let me escape. I slowly drifted to sleep.
What felt like a second later, I woke up. Jordan was leaning over me, his mouth pressed against my neck. I stayed as still as I could as he whispered “I’m so sorry Alice” it sounded like he was choking. The next thing he did was unexpected. His mouth to my neck, he bit me. I squeaked a small scream out of shock, and he was gone.
The next thing I heard was that same growling noise I’d heard earlier. I cringed. The door was open this time, and I saw Jordan fighting with a silhouetted figure. “You’ll never get her James, never.”
That was the last I’d ever heard from him because the next second, I heard a terrible sound that seemed like ripping steel. I felt a hand on my wrist, heard a voice curse, a voice that I’d never heard before, and then I was sucked into the blackness.

3. Nothing

I opened my eyes, confused. There was a burning pain in my throat that I’d never felt before, and yet, I didn’t remember anything I’d ever felt, heard, smelt, seen, or tasted. I tried to at least remember my name. I thought, and after a few minutes’ hard work, I decided on Alice. I wasn’t sure if it was really my name or not, but it would have to do.
I walked around the little patch of woods I was in, and smelt around me to make sure no one was there. I smelled something that wasn’t entirely mouth-watering, but it would do. My body suddenly hunched into a crouch as I streaked forward to the only thing that would quench the burn in my throat. I found… a herd of deer. Odd, but I was too thirsty to care what it was. I sank my teeth into the buck’s neck and sucked it dry of blood. When I was done with that, I walked away, not totally satisfied, but hoping to find answers.
I walked for a couple minutes, and then started to really run. To anybody that passed by me, I was just an unnatural wind. As I ran, I had an image flash in my head. It was of a beautiful gentleman covered in bite marks in a half-full diner, walking, and… me, talking to him. Telling him...
I began to run south. All I could think of was that, just maybe, he had the answers. I needed to go meet him.
Within half an hour, I’d found a pair of sunglasses. My eyes were red and I didn’t think I’d blend in very well. I was sitting in the same diner I’d seen in my ‘vision’ before I could start wondering if this was a good idea. I was anxious for him to show up, to prove myself right to have come all the way to Philadelphia just to see who he was and if he was real.
I had been waiting for about half an hour, I’d had a thousand different visions as I waited, but one stood out the most. It was of a beautiful family with Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, and Edward. What strange names.
I was about to walk out and ignore my visions forever when he walked in with his dark colored eyes. I hopped off the stool at the counter as soon as I saw him and walked straight toward him.
He was obviously shocked, not knowing who I was or what I was doing. I smiled, and hoped that would help him see my reasoning. I was ecstatic that he was here, and I could trust the visions.
“You’ve kept me waiting a long time,” I told him.
He ducked his head like a good southern gentleman and said “I'm sorry ma’am.”
I held out my hand and he took it without seeming to think about it.
With relief swirling around in me, I told him about the Cullen family, and we were off to find them.
When we got to their house a little over half an hour later, there was just Carlisle, Esme, and Rosalie. I greeted them all by name, introduced Jasper (the stranger) and asked which room I could move into. They were obviously shocked that two strangers just walked up to them and one of them greeted everyone. Maybe they thought we were stalkers. I smiled at the crazy idea.
Luckily for us, Carlisle always held open arms when needed. I walked around the inside of the house, looking for a good room. There was one, already filled with someone else’s assets, which had the most beautiful view. I started moving all the bits and pieces into the garage. I passed Esme, and asked her if it was okay. She giggled, and answered “Of course dear. Make yourself at home” and walked away.
I finished moving all the unknown possessions to the garage within seconds, and then I realized I had nothing to put in the room besides me. I walked over to Esme and told her. “Hmmm… ” She replied, thinking. “Well, we can buy you some, if you’d like.”
I thanked her a million times, and then walked into the yard to look around some more.

* * *

When Edward and Emmett came back from their hunting trip, one of the first things Edward noticed was that his stuff was all sitting in the garage. The second thing he noticed was that there were two extra people in the house. He amused me, as he tried to ask Rosalie why all his stuff was in the garage. Rosalie laughed, and walked away, but not before Edward learned we were here.
“What?!?!” he asked in a confused voice. He ran into the house and to the room that was no longer his. I was sitting right in the middle of the floor.
“Calm down, Edward. It’s just me.” I knew that wasn’t going to calm him down, so I tried to think of something that would calm him down.
“That’s my point. I don’t exactly know who you are, now do I?” Hmmm... he does have a very good point. “Thanks for agreeing with me. But that still doesn’t explain who you are and how you got here.” He told me a bit more calmly than before.
“I’m Alice, and I didn’t say anything, so why did you say I did?” I replied, confused.
“I never introduced myself, but it doesn’t seem I entirely need to. I’m Edward, you’re sitting in my now empty room, and I can ‘read your mind’” he introduced.
I giggled and told him that I was sitting in my room, my name is Alice, and I could see the future. He sat in silence, probably absorbing all that. As I waited for him to speak again, I looked toward the future to see what would happen next. within thirteen seconds I concluded he’ll say
“Where are you from?” he asked, right on cue.
That was a stumper. Where, where, where, where, where?! I asked myself over and over again. All I could remember is waking up in the forest, alone. “strange.” He told me, obviously having read my thoughts. “I don’t think that’s ever happened before,” whoopee. I thought sarcastically.
He smiled apologetically, and then walked out to the garage to return his things to a new room. This is my family. I thought to myself. It’s the only family I have. Well, at least the only family I remember.

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