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Haha. What a GOOD day I had today! Haha. Got to do a impression of the head blowpop. I was so awesome! I would put what I said in here, but i won't. They might think somethin REALLY WRONG. lol. I think you all have an idea of what I mean. Lol. AND, i got up early this morning to see the New Moon poster the moment it came out. I was so happy that they had Bella holding on to Jacob and Edward just kind of standing there. But! I think it would of been so much better if like Jacob had his arm around her and she was trying to reach for sorta ghost like memory of Edward but still staying in Jacob's arms, like she wants both. Just my opinion though! Lol. Ummm... in comments, leave me what you think the New Moon poster should have looked like! And I'm going to try to do daily blogs now, so tell all your Twilight buddies to send me a friend invite! Buh-Bye! (Rawr! Means I Love You signing out!)

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