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I remember the day my dad died. Yes I was young.Three to be exact. You may ask me, 'how do you remember if you were only three?'. Well my answer is, I really don't know. I ask myself the same question.

But back to the day my dad died.

It was a normal day for my family and I on the warm Fort Myers Beach in Florida. My mom was with my little brother(Kyle who was 1 month old at the time)and me on the blanket we had laid down on the sand under our big blue umbrella that protected us from the hot sun. My dad was going to get the car closer to the beach so that my mom wouldn't have to walk far with us and the stuff.

But...there was an accident.

And my dad was a part of the accident. The beach that day was very busy, cars lined up the roads and horns honking. A big truck full of teenagers decided to speed down the lane where my dad was pulling out at 60mph. The teenager who was driving must have not been looking because my dad was pulled out fully and about to turn when the truck hit the car. He never saw it coming. And the worse part is...his family saw it happen. My mom was screaming and crying hysterically. She ran towards the crash with my brother in her arms. I sat with our stuff on the sidewalk with big,curious eyes. I didn't know that I would never see my dad after that day.

All the teenagers in the truck survived but the driver and passenger suffered facial bruises and broken bones from the airbags and the force of the impact. My dad died instantly.

I am Emily Reeds. I have long,golden brown hair with big,dark blue eyes.

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Comment by Kristen on May 4, 2010 at 7:03am
This is great! I am so glad you added this!

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