The Twilight Saga

His pale skin
Drew me in
His black eyes
Were my demise.

His impossible grace
And immaculate face,
That ice cold touch…
The lure was too much.

His power invisible,
He was irresistible
He drew me near,
Sensing my fear.

My breathing heavy,
My feet unsteady.
His skin, so invitingly smooth,
Yet I dared not move.

His lavender lips twitched
My body was bewitched,
My mind spellbound,
I made no sound.

My sense heightened
Curious and frightened,
Barely able to resist
I wanted to be kissed.

I knew it was wrong,
But my strength was gone
I would not fight
He could take me tonight.

My mind a dark haze,
As I met his gaze
Eyes glinting with a thirst,
I knew I would be cursed.

Despite the realisation,
I couldn’t fight the temptation
To lean in close,
Afraid of what I wanted most.

The weakness in him
Lay under my skin,
My courage wavering,
As I sensed his craving.

Could he resist my life?

In his arms I was frozen,
His face told me he had chosen
The deviant decision made,
I saw his humanity fade.

No longer in control,
The hunger in his soul
Pierced my fragile skin,
Spilling the life from within

Faded, hollow and weak,
I barely heard him speak
Repeating my name,
As he opened his vein.

Commanding me to drink,
Too lifeless to think
I met my mortal end,
Forever condemned.

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Comment by little Mrs.vampire/Cullen!<3 on May 3, 2009 at 12:21pm
thatz so sweet!!!!lol nice rhymin!lolz
Comment by ally on May 2, 2009 at 5:58pm
wow that was alsome i think i read a hundred times i really like it

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