The Twilight Saga

*Jakes POV*

My head was flushed. Knowing that my dad was gone and that Bella has gone to visit Renee in florida. I was alone with Nessie. Not knowing what to do with her. I had decited to go hunting. "Hey Nessie, wanna go hunting?" I asked her. Jumping with glee she murmured "Yes please!" I had noticed her politness. She must have got it from Edward. God knows Bella doesnt have and maners. So I took her hand. My head still thinking of what had happend just yesterday. The fight. I was thinking how it must have been my falt for my dads death. All of a sudden Nessie pulled me back to reality. She was running to a small elk. I had just noticed she was beside me at one moment. Seeing her with blood stains on her gorgeous new white dress. Alice was going to kill me. Knowing i should hunt with her, I had left the past for only a moment. Running to a bear, I noticed Nessie was no where in sight. I called for her. "Nessie!?" No answer. I called again. "Nessie!?!" Again no answer. "Damn" I murmured to myself. And yet again i called knowing she had to be close by "Nessie!!?" I had called befor jeting to her small weak voice in the distant "Help!" Nessie had called to me. I jumped into Wolf form and jeted as fast as i could to her. What i saw shoked me. My dad?! He was holding Nessie in his arm with a knife to her throat. And he was standing? "Dad...y-your standing" "You don't think i don't know that?!" "'ve been in a wheelchair for 2-" "I know son! I've kept this from you for this one moment....the moment i kill the love of your life!" His arm nudged. At that moment i felt light headed. I stared wide-eyed at my father. I was frozen. Drops of blood started to roll from Nessies neck. I had a flashback. My dad at the bottom of a cliff. Dead. Or so i thought. The fight. Alice siting in a church with bella, both trying to cry. And Nessie.....the love of my life dead in a small cascet. But wait! I remembered that a vampire can't die unless you burn the peices! But Nessie was both! I had no idea how she would a vampire...or like a wolf. I was brought to reality by Nessies frantic screaming. Out of no where I saw a body. As fast as lightning! It was Bella! Nessie ran to my side. I picked her up. Her head barried in my chest. There was blode and gore. There were sounds from them, there were grunting sounds. It was over. Bella had killed my father....for real this time. She was on the ground. Breathing lightly as if nothing had happend. Sad as it was the first time...i went to help up Bella. She frowned at me, and snatched Nessie from my arms. "You put her in danger!!" She yelled at me. "Mommy! He did not! He could have been anywhere!" Bella grinned wickedly at me. "Sorry" she said.

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Comment by Lace Black on July 9, 2009 at 5:36pm
and u know it
Comment by Lace Black on July 9, 2009 at 5:35pm
its awesome
Comment by Lace Black on July 6, 2009 at 9:05pm

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