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sad, broken, heart, iv never gone through this kind of thing before ... but i can onestly say i'm in love  with him   people always say that their first love never work out but why do they have to not work and ... why dus it have to hert so much i hate it its just mean ,   heart broken bolied and thrown away its sad        boplied yep me    it all started in jim class we hade to do that stupid dance unit agen in gym and i got pout in a groop with a girl that hated me so thats what happend sins then she has just bean mean mostly just small things like  shoving me in the hall and stufe but in gym she got her friends involved so now i have her and all of her friends ganing up on me and i dont no what to do but what can i do .... nothing thats what i just have to endor it .... but its geting wors and i dont no how to deal    i ... im having dreames of beaing torcherd ....... like her friends pin me down and they burn my arms and stumech with cegerets   and it just veeps geting word ...... but atleast i can think on him to cher me up   right????  

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Comment by jazzmenlee94 on July 31, 2011 at 2:06pm
ik how u feel my bf and me he is my frist long relshonship

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