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Memories (a book im working on say if you like it)


I just want opinions of whether or not its good working material. its about one and half chapters...

Chapter One

I walked along the edge of the sidewalk humming as I played childlike games, step on a crack you break your mothers back at the same time as a balance game one foot in front of the other, lying to myself I said it was the last time I would play a game like that but it is exactly what I need to keep from death by boredom. I looked up to see the moon but it was blocked by the trees so I decided to go to the park for a better look.

I skipped to the park still humming until I reached a bench. I stared up at the moon. It had a light fog covering and two stars next to it like three best friends. “Beautiful…” I mumbled to myself. “Yes very, why do you care about that kind of stuff anyway huh Tal? I was frozen not really for the fact that there was a voice of a person I could not identify right behind me but because whoever it was knew my nickname. “Tal?” the voice said. “Wh-who are you?” I managed to choke out. “Tal you don’t remember me I feel so un-important now…” said the voice laughing. “Well, one you’re behind me so how am I supposed to remember you if I can’t see you and two I just asked who you are so I apparently don’t remember you.” I really hate it when people ask that question when I just asked who they are; I mean it’s common sense that I don’t remember them.

At the moment I said that the man (approximately 18 years of age.) walked up in front of me and I began to examine him. He was rather tall probably about 6 feet, which is 8 inches taller then me. He had black hair about shoulder length with a slight wave to it, his eyes also looked black and his skin was reddish tan. He wore a leather jacket, gray shirt, and black pants thankfully on his waist. He looked like the type of guy I would date if he wasn’t some weirdo I had met in the park that knows who I am.

“Well?” he asked as I stared him down. “No I don’t remember you.” I said. “Hmmm, well my name is Nathan and I guess I’m pretty glad about all the other things you don’t remember.” He said in a weird tone I couldn’t read. I don’t know why but I can be a rather paranoid person so the first emotions that struck me when he said that were fear and confusion. “What?! What are you talking about, you know what st-stay away from me.” I said anxiously. Instead of backing off he smiled and got closer. “I said get away from me not to come closer.” I said irritated somehow I could tell he met no harm but was trying to bother or annoy me and it worked. “Oh come on what’s wrong, how are you going to meet people if your not willing to talk…well aren’t you the social butterfly?” he said sarcastically. I scowled angrily “Well if I want to get to know someone I talk to them, I don’t want to get to know you…” “Well that’s rude, why not? What did I ever do to you?” he said. “Whatever what time is it?” I said he looked at his watch and back at me. “Almost nine o’clock, shouldn’t you be heading on home missy?” He said changing his voice in a way that slightly reminded me of my father. “Actually yeah, goodbye.” I walked past him but he grabbed my arm quickly before I could leave. I felt the urge to punch him in the gut but I managed to hold back. “What?” I growled. “Are you going to be here tomorrow?” he asked smiling. “None of your business.” I replied. “Well then can I have your number?” “No!” I said. “Alright then I will see you tomorrow.” He said emphasizing will. I shrugged ignoring him and went home.

“Hey dad” I shouted out as soon as I got home then went straight up to my room to think. I began to sum up some of the things about this Nathan character trying to come up with a logical reason of why he knew my nickname. So he knew my nickname he could imitate my father voice and he looked exactly like the type of guy I would date. The first thing I thought of was stalker, maybe in stalking me he had seen what the guys I flirt with look like, found out how my father sounds from following me to my house and hearing what… I was interrupted mid thought by a tap on my door.

“Come in.” I said. My father came in and I knew it was to give me a hug goodnight so I stood up and went to hug him. “Why didn’t you come to my room before you came up like usual?” he asked. I came up with a quick lie, there was really no reason to lie but I somehow knew he would over react. “Um no reason I just have a lot of homework.” I did not have any homework at all though which is very rare but the case tonight. “Ok well night hun” he hugged me. “Night dad” he opened my door and lingered there for a second I feared he was going to ask what my homework was then I’d be screwed but he left.

I went back to thinking and decided to scratch my first thought it was retarded. I decided to go with something he asked me “you don’t remember me?” since he asked that it must mean I used to know him and merely don’t remember so I went with my second idea I do know him I just have to figure out how. So much for death by boredom this would keep me busy.

Chapter Two

I woke up but not to the sound of my alarm clock. Squinting at my alarm clock I saw that I had woken up 30 minutes early. Feeling my hand around the bed I attempted to find the remote without turning on the light, my attempt failed… unwillingly I threw my hands on top of my face and turned on the light. When my eyes adjusted I got the remote and turned on the T.V.I got up and went downstairs to make myself a bowl cereal. Afterwards I went back upstairs, when I went past dads’ room I heard rustling so I rushed upstairs to make sure he wouldn’t come out and see me.

I began to eat as I watched music videos. I smirked thinking about how he said “I will see you tomorrow” well we would just see about that I’m not going back to the park for awhile now. Although seeing him again wouldn’t be so bad if I were with my friends, then he probably wouldn’t act so weird. I actually did sort of want to see him. He was so tall and cute and mysterious and my friends would probably be--- I stopped thinking about his good attributes pissed with myself for even thinking of him in that way. Was I actually attracted to him? I couldn’t be I only spoke with him for 15 minutes and besides in those 15 minutes he totally freaked me out. Could this be a link to our past I was attracted to him in our--- my alarm clock went off taking me by surprise and I screamed my lungs out. My father burst through my door asking what happened and as quickly as he came in he went out do to the fact I was only in my under garments. “I’m so sorry!” he shouted through the door. “Oh yeah well it’s called knocking!” I snapped. “Yeah well it’s called wear the pajamas I buy you and don’t scream just because your alarm clock went off!” he shouted back at me. “Yeah well how about some bed room privacy huh?!” I said” “How about this is my house you follow my rules and that’s the end of it.” He didn’t shout or anything it was just a point blank sentence I hate it how parents just win. I heard my dad walk off.

I got my clothing that I had laid out last night got my towel and my shower cap and went into the bathroom. I took a nice long shower brushed my teeth and got dressed and examined myself in the mirror. I smiled and looked at my teeth nice and white. I went into my room and threw on my coat and book bag. I looked at the time, I was right on time I grabbed my keys, cell phone, metro, and left.

I went to school and headed downstairs to the cafeteria to go find Mel. She was in the usual spot today. We sat in a booth near a garbage can that no one else really wanted to sit at for that reason, we however loved it exactly for that reason. We had no worries about anyone trying to steal our seats away from us. Mel sat with our usual crowd. Her, Karol, and Jason. They were in their usual positions Mel on the opposite side of the cuddly couple looking at them in disgust as they just went a little to far with the PDA. “Ahem” I cleared my throat staring at them. They stopped and looked up.

“Tal!” Mel said it never ceases to amaze me why she always seemed so excited to see me it was like that everyday nothing had changed. “Hey Mel.” I said sliding into the booth beside her. “Hi Tal.” Karol said looking away from Jason for a split second to acknowledge my existence but then her and Jason went right back to their PDA. “So how’s life?” Mel asked while she had her mind off of her food I grabbed her spoon and took a gigantic mouthful of her cereal. “Hey!” she swatted at me playfully and snatched back her spoon. “Get your own food.” She finished. I snickered “Aw what kind of friend would I be if I let you eat all that food, your stomach is only this small.” I said making a fist. “Okay next time you decide to eat a whole container of ice cream I’ll make sure to eat half while your not looking” we both grinned.

I stood up from my seat “hey, I’m going to go get myself my own food.” “Mmk now I can steal my bite back.” Mel replied. I went to the lunch line and found Michelle. She was standing on the near front of the very long lunch line so I approached her and started a conversation. At the right moment I slipped into the spot behind her without acknowledging the person behind me that I had just skipped. I let the conversation die out as I grabbed my plate of food and headed back toward the booth. Mel was grinning like crazy at me and as soon as I sat down she said “Hey some dude has been staring at you ever since you got up.” “and he’s pretty hot!” Karol chimed in. “Yeah Tal you should check him out.” I ignored them and poured my milk into the cereal.

As soon as I did that Mel stole her bite back as promised. I laughed “You always stick to your word don’t ya?” “Don’t you know it.” She replied. We both laughed. “Hey Tal he’s still staring.” She grinned. “He can stare all he wants.” I said a bit muffled since I still had my mouth full of cereal. “Well he’s coming over here so brace yourself.” She said a huge smug grin on her face. “Oh…my…god I know him that’s Nathan!” she said. I felt as shocked as she sounded but she didn’t know about the situation from yesterday, but…that couldn’t possibly have been the same Nathan from the park he was so cute I would have surely noticed him by now…April. “W-what does he look like?” I asked to make sure I wasn’t over reacting. She described him and it was exactly the same as the guy I had seen yesterday except a different outfit. “Say I’m sleeping.” I said ruffling my hair so it looked like some one who had been sleeping but not that bad. I moved my tray and buried my face in my arms pretending to be asleep.

“Hello Mel.” I heard Nathans voice about 30 seconds after I had assumed my pretend sleep position. “Um hey dude what’s up?” said Mel. “Hm is she really asleep because I don’t believe that for a second.” He asked. “You didn’t answer my question that’s rude does my greeting not matter to you?” I could hear the tease in Mel’s voice. “Oh, well the ceiling is up, happy that I answered you question? Good now answer mine.” He said a bit of a laugh in his voice. “Yes of course she’s sleeping.” She replied. “Heh oh really well…I could have sworn that she was awake two seconds ago when I was staring at her.” “You stalker, well she’s sick…so um yeah she really is asleep.” Mel lied through her teeth. I almost sighed in relief but didn’t because it would completely ruin me. If Mel was going to blow me out of the water she would have done it the moment Nathan arrived over here.

After that something very un-expected happened. I felt a hand stroking my hair and jerked. “Hahaha.” Nathan laughed. “I knew you weren’t sleeping! I mean don’t get me wrong you’re a good actress but a little late on the reaction.” I lifted up my head and rolled my eyes at him as I fixed my hair.

“Told you I’d see you tomorrow." he said grinning. "Did I ask you?" I retorted. "Oh so this is the un-affectionate side of you? I always wanted to see but I don't think I like it so much." he started laughing. I was right I was attracted to him...I ignored him “I’m going now.” I said to Mel. “Really so early?” she replied. Nathan however looked completely bewildered by our conversation. Good at least there was something he didn’t know about me. I got up and so did Nathan. Mel giggled. I raised my brows at him questioningly and just stood there and so did he. As I grabbed my book bag and began to head on upstairs to my locker he mimicked my movements a few feet behind me. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked him as he stood close behind me and came to a halt as soon as I did. I heard a giggle behind us Mel or Karol surely. “I’m not sure whatever you are.” He laughed. I decided to ignore him and went to my locker with him trailing close behind me.

We got to my locker and I had a lot of posters of guns n roses. They were my favorite band and Axl was my favorite out of all of them. I had little hearts around him on all of the posters. I didn’t necessarily think he was cute it was just something I did because I was bored. Nathan gasped “he’s so ugly!” he hissed. I was shocked when I looked at him he looked angry. I burst into a fit of laughter. “What?” he grinned his angry face completely disappearing. “I mean I think this guy is way hotter am I wrong?” he asked as he pulled a picture of himself out of his wallet. I studied the picture. “Absolutely I agree.” I said just to see his reaction.

The reaction that I got from this question was completely absolutely un-expected. I found myself being pressed against my locker. I stared at him for a second and he stared back then leaned in to kiss me. Before I could even get out half a gasp there I was, eyes closed with him kissing me. At first I felt a rush of adrenaline then I felt weird then I felt nothing---

When I woke up I found myself in the nurses office sprawled across the uncomfortable “bed.” Apparently Nathan had got scared and brought me here. There was a deep silence I wondered if they’d been waiting for me to wake up. My interpretation was wrong because then after a few seconds of silence the nurse boomed “your not telling me the truth!” “I’m not well what do you think? I think I’ll enjoy your theories.” He said in a smart alic tone. “I think you didn’t just find her past out in the hall.” Said the nurse. That must be what he told her what an absolutely stupid lie. Why would he lie about kissing me? He couldn’t possibly get in trouble because I fainted from him kissing me. I decided now would be an appropriate time to reveal that I was awake.

I rolled over. “What’s going on…?” I asked groggily. “Hello dear.” Said the nurse in a calm soothing voice the complete opposite of the tone she had been using with Nathan. “Could you perhaps tell me what led you to landing here?” she asked. “Well…” I said looking at Nathan since I was about to tell her the truth and possibly get him into trouble if that was the reason he lied. I told the nurse everything with frequent sighs and eye rolling and interjections from Nathan. The nurse turned to him and gave him a cold stare. “So you were lying.” She scowled at him. ”No honestly it’s her I have no idea what the hell she’s talking about.” He said. I rolled my eyes at him. “Listen, you’re not going to be in trouble. Just because her hormones aren’t controlled yet doesn’t mean we’re putting you on trial for murder.” She laughed and I grimaced when she said I had un controlled hormones.

“Well you two should be heading off to class since nothing appears to be wrong accept for her hormones which I don’t think anyone has complete control over them.” The nurse laughed again. She was friendly and understanding but she could be really annoying sometimes and this was one of those moments. Nathan glided to my side and I moved when he got close. He eyed me and I eyed him back. “I’m sorry.” He said. “I’m sorry too.” I said. “Hm?” “Well I can’t be to close to you until I’m not scared that you’re going to kiss attack me again.” I said laughing. The nurse handed us our slips for class after she looked our schedules on the computer. I don’t know why she went through all the trouble to when she could have just asked.

I looked at the slip it said my period 5 class. “It’s period 5!?” I asked Nathan horrified that I’d been sleeping for so long.

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