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I swear!!!

My seventh grade year sucked.

I hope eighth is better. I bet it will be :D

Sixth was okay. But, of course, isn't that just because it's your first year at school? I got embarrassed like 10 freaking times this year. I also always felt uncomfortable in all my periods except first and fifth because it seemed like this girl was always watching me. Or were we always watching each other? I don't know, but still. And...I was that emo-kid-in-the-corner sometimes.

My "goal" this year was to not laugh most of the time when somebody cracked a joke. And I have to say...GOAL FAILED. I didn't laugh all the time but seventy precent of the time.

I did like how I had friends in every grade though. And the last day of school was so fun. 5th period we stayed outside and did whatever we wanted. Me and my friends were actually talking about the MTV awards the one sunday night.

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