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I ran after Jane, leaving behind my new friend Aro. I felt like lightning, so fast. The wind could barely touch me, or catch up to me for that matter. The people among the streets could barely see me. People. It hit me. The urge. The burn.

            I stopped, breathing heavily. I shouldn’t kill, right? But the crave is so large, I must have to have it. Then I felt another thing, a sting on my hand. “Ouch!” I yelled reaching for my burning hand.

            Jane was behind me, “I’m sorry. I needed to distract you. You can’t just hunt right in the middle of the streets. You’ll get caught. Then we’ll get caught.” I understood and nodded. Jane hissed slowly at me,“Follow me.”

            This time I didn’t look back. I held my breath, trying not to smell the sweet scent. I never twitched at all, just a graceful stride.

            Finally, she stopped and turned to face me. “You can go now.”

            I understood, and turned around to smell the air. My legs began to move before I could comprehend the sweet scent again. Human.

            As I got closer to the young human, the scent got stronger. My nose was buried in the thick smell of blood. All I wanted was blood. No. It wasn’t a want anymore. I needed it.

            My legs moved faster as I needed the red liquid more and more. Then I saw her. A young girl walking through the forest quietly, looked out in my direction quickly. I hid behind a thick bush, knowing my glossy red hair would stand out. She turned forward again, continuing her slow walk through the forest.

            I jumped out of bush, landing in front of her. A blood-curling scream escaped her chapped lips, as her wide green eyes stared at me. I hesitated, not moving. My eyes started to study her.

            The young girl wore a worn out jacket and some dirty khakis. Her eyes were pleading, but that’s not why I stopped. Her hair was bright red, like mine.

            Then it struck me. The night I was torn away from my happy world.

            I remember her: blonde hair and blue eyes. She wanted to kill me, I could sense it. Instead, she sank her sharp teeth into my neck. I remember the way I had screamed. It was the same blood-curling scream that I had just heard.

            “Run.” I whispered as she hurried out of my sight.

            She knew who I was, and she would know better than to tell someone about me. After I had just given mercy to her life, she owed me much.

            “What did you just do?” Jane’s high pitch voice yelled at me. “Your some freak aren’t you? Just letting go of your prey! Wasteful! Just wait ‘till Aro hears about this!”

            She backed away from me mumbling to her self.

            “What do you mean Aro is going to hear about this? Your not going to tell him are you? Oh please Jane! Don’t tell him!” I yelled.

            “I won’t, but he will hear anyway.”

            “What do you mean?”

            “You really don’t know?” She chuckled lightly. “Remember when Aro touched your hand?”

            I nodded slowly, remembering Aro.

            “Well, that was him reading your mind. He knows your every thought now.”

            It took me a while to understand what she was saying. “So vampires have powers?”

            “Yes.” Her face became smug. “Like you.”

            “What do you mean? I don’t have any abilities.”

            She rolled her eyes at me, “You took away my power. You made me feel weak. That’s not normal.”

            I thought back on it, how I had made Jane loose her strength. “What do you think it was?”

            She looked up carefully then started to walk toward me. “What do you remember from your human life?”

            I could only remember little main events from my past. Everything else was kind of wiped away. I turned to speak, “Right before I was turned into a…vampire, I ran away from home.”


            My head seemed like it was going to explode with all this thinking. It took me a couple of long minutes until I could clearly remember. Jane stood silently, patiently waiting. I spoke again, “When I was a child I was hated. People called me a witch because of my red hair, as well as my best friend. I always wanted them to feel some compassion for me. For them to know what I felt like. That’s why I ran away that night. I felt like if I left, they might feel at least some bit worried about me. Just some feeling.”

            Jane was silent for a while. “Maybe that’s it. You brought compassion with you. You can make others feel compassion.”

            “Oh, cool.”

            “Not cool yet.”

            I stared at her confused, “What?”

            “You let that child go away knowing about you! You do now we have rules, right?”

            I shook my head, “Not really. I kind of thought this was a place where we could be free from our work.”

            “Oh dear…” Jane moaned. “Yes, You don’t need to work. You can go live in the woods if you wanted to. Not one thing is stronger than you out here." Jane paused for a second."But, you can’t just do whatever. We have some guidelines you need to follow.”


            “Well for one, you can’t just let the whole world know we exist.” She sighed. “We stay hidden.”

            “Ok. Stay hidden.”

            “As well as finishing your prey.” She said, barely cutting me off.

            I started to walk out into the woods, “What else on the list?”

            She walked with me pulling out a little plant from the ground. “No immortal children. The creator, the child,and those who know of its existence and those who protect it will all be destroyed.”

            I nodded stepping over a branch on the mossy ground. It seemed like to much to remember, but I some how knew I would.

            “No hunting in the Volterra. Food is brought to us from far away, so no need to worry about being starved to death.”

            “But you brought me out here to hunt.”

            She smiled, “This is far away.”

            I looked behind us. I could barely see the tall castle where I had stayed.

            “Now, there are two last things. The first is to always keep an eye on any newborn vampires you create. If the newborn gets out of control, you and the newborn will be killed.”

            “What’s the last one?”

            She turned to face me, “Try not to come in contact with the Children of The Moon. The wolves are very….” She trailed off stiffing the air. “She’s still close.”

Jane looked at me for a second then turned toward the village. “You go back. I have some business to attend to.”

            She sped away quickly, not turning to look at me again. I listened to her directions, and ran toward the beautiful castle ahead of me, only to turn around for a split second to hear a blood-curling scream, and then continue my stride slowly.


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Comment by Aria Rose on February 13, 2013 at 1:57am
I love\<3 this one too! Lol

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