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Aro greeted me as I entered the large building. “Back so fast?” he held my hand, “And you haven’t even eaten?”

            I looked around the room cautiously; there was a human here. Young, lovely, very busy with her work. Does she even know that we might kill her? Her bulging brown eyes smiled at me, then returned to her pile of papers.

            “Yes she does. She’s just hoping to accompany us someday.”

            “Will you?”

            He sighed. “Maybe, we're still thinking. We might need her for another reason later on...”

            I felt like puking at the thought. The last thing I wanted to think about was killing a human. Aro chuckled beside me, then pulled me along a rug that led to the same octagon building I had seen before.

            Jane entered soon after, hurrying to Aro’s side. She held out her pale hand, and he took it with delight.

            “Good job.” He whispered.

            Jane scurried away, happy with Aro’s thoughts on whatever she had done. On what she had done. Oh, how vile I knew that what was, and how hopefully I wished of not knowing exactly what happened.

            “So it seems we have a vegetarian among us.” Aro said clearly. “We have decided to let anyone like you go out of town whenever you feel hungry for a snack.” He said you as if I was the only vegetarian in the room.

            “Ok, but outside the Volterra of course.” Jane rolled her eyes as I spoke.

            Aro laughed, “It seems you’ve been told the laws.”

            I nodded happily. I had impressed Aro. That made me happy. 

            Aro turned to me, “Oh, there is one thing I’m absolutely curious about.”

            “What is that?”

            “Well, when you and Jane were talking about your power, you said something about having a best friend.”

            “You would like to know who she is?” I asked. “Her name was Victoria.”

            The room became silent. Jane was no longer whispering to her twin. Marcus and Caius were done chatting. They were all faced toward me, as if hypnotized by the name.

            Aro finally showed some emotion, trying to give a smile to me. “Oh, she was one of us.”

            I started to laugh with excitement, “She’s here? Victoria’s really here? Where is she? I must see her right away!”

            Aro’s smile faded away as he spoke again, “Victoria’s dead.”

            I shut the thought out. Vampires can’t die. We're like stone for crying out loud!

            Aro sighed, “Yes they can die. They must be torn apart by someone with equal strength or more, then burned.”

            Everything seemed to go black for a second. I was there, with the wolf. His large teeth gnawing at my face. Then I was returned to the room with Aro and Jane. “It was a werewolf.”

            Aro shook his head, “Or equal strength.

            I was shocked at the thought. “That... that can't be! Why would someone do that? Who killed her?”

            Aro sighed than spoke. “The Cullen’s.”

            The word would be stuck in my head from then on. Whoever these Cullen’s were, I would kill them. I would tear apart their bodies just as Aro had said to do. I would burn them in hot flames and make them all die. They would pay for killing my friend, and once I had found them I would make sure they did.


Ok, ok.... I know what you're thinking, 'This girl hates Twilight!' or "She hates the Cullen's!" 

Well you're wrong. I love twilight! And I love the Cullen's! Let's just say Eve (that's the main character if you didn't know) and the Cullen's are having a bad start.... Imagine if you're best friend was killed! Wouldn't you want some revenge? (And she is a newborn, so she isn't thinking to clearly...[unlike Bella who totally rocked at the newborn stuff!])

So yeah... Still liking it?  


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Comment by Aria Rose on February 13, 2013 at 2:01am
Lol same as the other one. I love\<3 it! Keep writting!

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