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It was finally June. Aro let me go wherever at this month. Every year I decided to go to Forks, Washington. Plenty of deer to kill, and if I’m lucky maybe even a mountain lion. My hair flew behind me as my legs moved faster above the thick grass. I brushed against a tree here and there, but it never slowed down my stride. I loved to run. I loved having the wind blow on my face. I loved being faster than wind.

            I jumped over a fallen tree quickly, returning to a fast stride right way. A light movement made me twitch. My legs stopped immediately as I jumped into a nearby tree. The movement became louder, and the sweet smell made me go crazy. It seemed bigger than my usual catch. Probably a big buck. No. Mountain lion.

            The sound became louder now. He was just around the thick brush behind me. I held my bow up high, quickly grabbing a sharp arrow. I listened for the exact moment, getting ready to fire.

            My eyes flickered at the 90-pound cat. I pulled back my arrow finding my aim. My fingers let go of the feathers.


            The arrow went slightly to the right of my prey. The lion was running into the woods again before I knew it. Whoever yelled just messed me up.

            “Darn. That was a good one too.” I mumbled quietly to myself.

            I turned to face toward the voice. There stood a group of people. One bulky looking, another one kind of scrawny. They all looked similar though. The hair of course. I looked a bit further down. The eyes. All were a yellow like mine.

            Were they like me? Yes, the air seemed colder with all of them around.

            “I’m sorry,” A blonde haired classy looking man stepped forward, “we haven’t met yet. I had a feeling you were trying to get that wildcat, but I didn’t want to take any chances. You see, if you would like to have humans here, that wont be an option.”

            “Oh, I should be the one sorry.” I said hopping out of the tall tree. It seemed to be pretty high up, but I landed perfectly fine. “I didn’t know a coven lived here.”

            Then I saw him. The scrawny one. I looked at him better now.


            The mans straight faced look became curious, “Is that you Eve?”

            I nodded, as he stepped forward to put his arms around me. “I thought you were dead! We should never have just left you like that.”

            Wait. He said ‘we’. We shouldn’t have left you like that. If there was a we then… “Where is Alice?” I asked looking around.

            A petite girl with short black hair stood in back of me, “Right here.” I sprung around to hug her, “It’s nice to see you again, Eve.”

            Everyone else seemed confused. “Is there something you’d like to tell us?” The blonde man asked.

            Jasper turned around to speak, “When me and Alice were trying to find you, we came across Eve. We stayed with her for a while, then left. After a few days of leaving, Alice saw her being chased and scratched. We couldn’t see who it was that attacked her though.”

            Everyone seemed a little shocked. They all had a bazar look on their face. Alice spoke, “We would have told you, but we thought that Edward would have already heard about it.”

            A boy spoke now, probably Edward. “Well it seems you were wrong...”

            As I looked back on meeting Alice and Jasper, I remember them looking for someone like Jasper had just said. I couldn’t remember too clearly. “Who was it you were trying to find again?”

            “The Cullen’s.” Jasper said. The word was like a hit to the gut. I wasn’t ready for this.

            “Is... this... them?” I asked breaking off in some words.

            “Yes.” Alice said. I think she was introducing me to some, but her words were all muffled. I was too focused on what I was thinking. Before me were the Cullen’s. The destroyers of my best friend. I could almost see them ripping off Victoria’s head.

            A low growl came out of Edwards throat. I ignored it.

            I wanted to kill them. Make them feel my pain. But there was too many. They could kill me. Why wouldn’t they want to kill me right now though? They killed Victoria, so why shouldn’t they kill me? Now I felt like retreating. Running as fast as I could. I was never going to come back to this place.

             I was still deciding what to do when Edward took a step forward. My legs were moving before he finished.

            A million things were going in my head. I needed to get away. No, I needed to kill them. Force them to feel sorry for me.

            Someone was getting closer to me. I ran faster, my legs stretching farther then they were before. The legs behind me went faster though.

            Before I knew it stone hands pinned me to the ground. Now I knew who it was. It was Edward.

            “Did you really think you could kill us?” He said as I tried to get out of his grip. It was no use. His weight was much more than mine.

            “Stop Edward. She didn’t want to kill us. She was just frightened.” I heard Jasper say behind us.

            I let out a scream immediately when he started to twist my hands. “Well, you didn’t hear her thoughts did you? She’s a threat to us.”

            “Please Edward!” Alice shouted, her voice going high.

            “Did you read them all?” I whispered through the pain. I remember Aro saying that he could hear others thoughts. Ooh! I just thought about Aro!

            Edward got off me in a instant, “Your part of the Volturi?”

            I nodded going to my feet. At that exact moment I realized another girl was with them. Smaller than the others. Around 15 or 16. She had long, glossy burnet hair down to waist. She was standing behind someone who seemed to be her mom.

            I walked over to her, looking carefully at her frightened look. The women in front of her stepped back a few feet quickly as I got close.

            “What’s your name?” I asked sweetly keeping my eyes off the others.

            “Renesmee.” Edward said, clearly as frightened as her daughter.

            “Can you come over here?” I asked gently taking out my bow and arrow.

            She hesitantly took a step forward, but the women pushed her back twice as fast. “No Renesmee.”

            I chuckled, “She’s not a dog.” I sniffed the air, “Not like some people.”

            I heard a growl behind me. The tips of my mouth went up, I was enjoying his anger. Kind of like payback for what his kind did to me.

            “What did you do?” Edward asked behind me.

            “Nothing. They just tried to kill me. Heard they got problems…” I trailed off, hearing the growl get louder behind me. If he got too angry…

            “Then you would be dead.”

            That’s it Mister. I thought, Stop reading my brain.

            He laughed slightly then became silent.

            “So, where was I?” I asked coming closer to the girl.

            “Don’t come a step nearer to my daughter.” The woman suddenly lunged forward toward me, anger rippling through her voice, “You have no right to.”

            “Step back. I'll do it here.” I tried to keep as calm as possible. There was a fire building up, and if it got to out of control I might hurt her.

            She left without question, heading straight in front of her daughter.

            I brought my bow side ways and closed my eyes, pulling the arrow back and releasing quickly. A strange bulky scream came from the distant woods. Renesmee licked her lips.

            “Go get it.”

            She scurried toward the woods, the dog\native kid followed quickly behind her. He was so buff, and abnormal looking…

            “So, seems we got off to a bad start.” I whispered to the mother.

            “Yes it does.” She growled.

            “Can we please get along?”


            Edward walked toward the girl, lingering his finger down her cheek, “Bella, dear. She isn’t as bad as I thought.”

            I laughed quietly to myself, and once Edward heard my thoughts he spoke again, “She’s worse.”

            Everyone now had a smile on his or her face. They seemed to welcome me as part of the family. If it wasn’t for Jasper and Alice, I would be dead right now.

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