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So does anyone really know if Mrs. Meyer is going to finish Midnight Sun.. Maybe I'm weird but I would love to 1 read the rest of the book, but 2 see a movie.. alot like Twilight but completly from Edwards point of view.. like the book starts out!

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Comment by hanna on June 13, 2009 at 6:38pm
she says she is going to wait for a loooong time 'bout the writing on that story. maybe.. two year or so.. when ppl have forgotten 'bout the story, cuz now, she just feels like ppl are pushing her to write. she says she needs to be alone when she writes, and alone 'bout the story. cuz .. like everybody around her is talking to her 'bout the story and how they think it should be, and she feels like she cant consentrate or write anything good when ppl do that.
so, yeah, shes going for a loong break on that project. well, so the rumour says.. :) and well, i read an interveiw where she said that... but ofc, im not 100 % sure ;)

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