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I just got done reading Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer; I will try not to tell you one single thing that's in there(because you have to read it for yourself :D) You need to read it on her site; It's just a draft, but OH MY GOSH it IS AWESOME!!!!!! Twilight kind of felt to me like I was reading my own diary, or someone who thought alot like me's(best book series ever I must say), but Midnight Sun was like reading the hot guy at school's, which he hides under his bed so no one will see it, but guess who's got it, you! :D Ah ha! Which is actually a great way to describe what it was like to read it. It was like I was reading it ON his bed, and was afraid he'd catch me( in other words, read REALLY fast....). I don't know why I felt like that. It's not like Edward's going to walk into my room and catch me reading, and say, "What are you doing?!" But that's the way it felt. ::shrugges shoulders:: I was CONSUMED by the story; it actually almost hurt not to read it; it's really worth reading. When you got to be in Jacob's brain for a little while in the last book it felt like I was reading my best guy-friend's diary(which he, in this scenario, would have had stashed under his bed too, or tucked somewhere in the garage would be more likely for Jacob), but if HE catches you, he'd either blush and snatch it back, blush and walk off, or stand in shock, but you would be forgiven, later. Jacob's thoughts are so funny, and adorable, and Edward's are extremely amusing, and heart-renching. I love them both! And Bella, and Alice, and many of the others. Love you guys! Thanks for reading! :D I hope you love Midnight Sun as much as I did!!
_Spider Monkey XD

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