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I breathed in Bella’s scent that was still lingering in the car, I let her fragrance rip and tear at my throat sending waves of fire around my body as the monster inside me wanted to get out, it was a lot safer inhaling Bella’s scent when she wasn’t around, this way I was not putting her in any danger, it was getting easier breathing in Bella’s smell, although the beast inside me never gave up I certainly had more control over it than when I first breathed in her delicious, warm, unbelievably luscious smelling aroma, I gritted my teeth as the memory of that day came flooding back – Focus! I ordered, I had to prepare for the worst, in a matter of minutes I would be home and I would have to tell my family that Bella new. I felt uneasy; unsure of what Rosalie and Jasper would do I needed to be prepared to fight, to fight for the girl that now held me to this earth, that brought life to my frozen un-beating heart. Chills ran down my spine, all I wanted was Bella, here with me, I wanted to touch her beautiful pale face, run my cold marble like hand down her jaw, over her warm pinkish lips where her delicate skin clung to her skull like a tight piece of clothing, almost as if you could tear it, like paper, so breakable – Stop, no more mistakes I reminded myself.

As I sped into the driveway I watched as the speed meter went from 110 to 95 to 60 all the way down to 0. I sat still, frozen as what I was about to do fully sunk in – Alice was waiting for me at the door “I love her to Edward, I’m sorry... about Rosalie but I had to tell her, it would have been worse if I hadn’t” she looked down apologetically before I had time to answer Rosalie’s thoughts came hammering through to my head “Idiot, you’ve put us all at risk! If she blabs I will slaughter her slowly and” – A loud growl ripped through me and in that instance I felt Alice holding me back, I was crouched down ready to pounce, Alice only had to guess what Rosalie had said “Don’t worry, she won’t hurt her, she’s just mad” Alice whaled trying to get a firmer grip on my should to restrain me from ripping Rosalie’s head right off her shoulders.

Carlisle was instantly at my side, Esme, Jasper and Emmett quickly followed, “What’s going on?” He said with a calm, soothing voice, Rosalie darted in, hatred and anger washed all over her stone-cold face, “Tell him Edward; tell him what you’ve done! Carlisle’s first thoughts were Bella, “What’s happened son? Is Bella? – I stopped him there, “I need to tell you something...but I need you to trust me – well” Bella I said in my head they needed to trust her not to tell anyone, just like myself and Alice did. A ferocious snarl burst out from Rosalie’s quivering mouth. Esme was at her side in the first instance worry filling her head “Why is Rosalie so mad at Edward? I don’t want my family to fight” She placed her hand on Rosalie’s shoulder ready to hold her back.

I tried to compose myself, they need to know! You need to tell them, if you don’t Rosalie will! I told myself.

I opened my mouth, stuck for words, I stuttered...“Be-lla...” even saying her name out loud sent ripples of joy through my body, something that was entirely new to me, it made my dead body tingle Concentrate! No distractions! “Well, Bella...” Esme’s calming words fluttered into my head “Go on Edward whatever it is we can find some way to help if you need it” – “Just tell us” She pressed. Jasper and Emmett were silent, even their thoughts. “Bella...knows about us” I finally blurted out. Carlisle and Esme both glanced at each other and then back at me, their minds filling with questions “How?” “What happened?” “What did she say?”  “Are you going to turn her?” – “No!” I roared, “I won’t take her life away from her like that, she has a choice!” Carlisle placed his hand on my shoulder again, this time apologetically, “I’m sorry Edward I was just curious” I calmed and thought of how to start explaining this in more detail to them “Technically” I started “I didn’t tell her, she guessed...” Shock now replaced their questioning eyes, very rarely someone would guess correctly what we are. “She even guessed that I could read people’s minds” “And what did she say? Was she scared?” Esme thought to herself hoping that I would answer aloud, she was very intrigued, questions were spilling from her mind every second “She said she didn’t care what I was” I grimaced at those words yet they sent such powerful joyous emotions through me, she should care what I am, that I’m a monster, but at the same time, she still cared for me knowing that I was a monster. “Oh how wonderful Edward!” Esme chimed “I’m very happy for you Edward” Carlisle thought almost in sync with Esme, “But she shouldn’t no! It’s dangerous!” Rosalie hissed, Carlisle thought about this for a fraction of a second “We can trust her Rosalie, Edward wouldn’t have confirmed her guess if he thought otherwise” Carlisle said with confidence, it wasn’t Bella I didn’t trust, it was myself. I was surprised how relaxed and almost happy they are about this... like they saw it coming. Rosalie glared at me with daggers in her eyes and darted out the door with great force, I brought the door to a dead stop just before it collided with the frame and was torn from its hinges; Emmett gave me an apologetic look as he darted off after Rosalie to try and calm her down. “She’ll come around” Esme claimed. “Bella was meant for you Edward, I know it!” Those words came flying at  me with different emotions each always being able to overwrite the other, Bella and I are not a good mix, while she’s human... I paused and the vision that Alice had shown me of her and Bella, arm in arm, both stone-like with glistening golden brown eyes came into my mind, I clenched my jaw down hard, hard enough to rip through solid metal – No. I could not take Bella’s life away from her like that, she deserved a life. Not this. Yet the thought of losing her or trying to stay away from her was unbearable. If she was human – which she would always be I would never take such a precious thing as a life away from her just so I get to keep her forever, I would lose her one day from a terrible accident, old age... There was no winning here. Agony suddenly flushed through my body as the realization hit me, Jasper felt the waves of emotion bounding through me and tried to calm me, I gave him a short thankful glance, he knew Alice and I cared for Bella and even though he didn’t think this was a good idea he would stick by us, he would love Bella just like the rest of us.


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