The Twilight Saga

Erika left the room glaring at me. I glared at her back. "Lexi,do you know why the volturi came,"alice asked me. "No,do you,"i asked. "Yes,Jane said it was because you were the cause of the vamp[ire slaughter going on,"nessie said. "So,and i we havent killed that much,"i said,defensivly. "Jane is stubborn,she will probably be back,"bella said. "Ill be ready,"i growled. "Lexi,you cant kill a volturi member,"Alice said and i had another vision of the day there was that standoff. The volturi brought hundreds of leeches.


It was the first day of school. Emily,leah,and my sister helped us get all dolled up. I wore jeans with rips everywhere,a tight blue v-neck,leather jacket,and black boots.Emily curled my hair and leah and my sis did my make-up. Lara wore tight tight tight black jeans,white v-neck,a black sweater,and white boots. Emily curled her hair,too. And my sister and leah did her make-up. Crysta wore tight tight tight blue jeans,a black v-neck,black sweater,and normal uggs. Emily curled her hair and my sis and leah did her make-up. We looked in the mirror and we I have never felt or looked so pretty in my life. When the guys saw us their gazes were glues. We laughed and jake said,"man,em,lea,sis, can you make them look any older." "Hey,its not our faults that theyre so pretty,"my sister said. I smiled and all of us teens left for school. It was cold,so the guys rapped their arms around us. Vanesa walked with us. Her hair was curled,so she pretty much fit in. When we got to school,the guys took us to a group of jocky guys. When they saw us girls they stared. In the group,one asked me,"man,when did heaven frop you off." I laughed and seth said,"dude,shes mine." "Man,clearwater,you wuld get this angel,"the boy,trevor,said. The bell rang soon. Crysta and lara had their first period together,i was alone. Seth walke me to my class though. He kissed me sweetly before going to his. In class i sat in the right back corner. Guys sat all around me. Great,just my luck. A guy with dark skin and pretty blue eyes said,"hey,im luke." "Lexi,"i said reffering to myself. "Pretty name,for a pretty girl,"another said. "I have a boyfriend,"i said. "Does he go here,"luke asked. "Yea,"i said. "Whats his name,"the second,andy,asked. "Seth,seth clearwater,"i said. "No,clearwater banked you,"luke said. "Yea,"i whispered not wanting the teacher to hear us. "Well, i dont see him here,"luke said whispering in my ear. Luke was about 5 ft 8,slim muscle build,brown hair like a skaters,beautiful blue eyes,and a velvet voice. But nothing would happen,nothing could happen,i was with seth. I brushed my hair out of my face with my right hand. Luke smiled at me. I gave a faint smile back. After class,luke ran up to me. He was to close so i stepped back agaist a wall. Perfect! He put his hand on the wall and said,"so why dont you and me skip out." "I cant,"i said. "Come on,"Luke said. "Im with seth,"i said. "Hes not here is he,"luke said. "Please,just dont,"i said. His left hand moved onto my waist. I didnt like him touching me like that. "Stop,"i told him. "Come on,"he said and pushed against me. I didnt want to hit him and be known as the freaking girl body builder. Luke put his lips on my neck. "Stop,"i demanded. I tried pushing him away,but he stuck like glue. I started getting angry. Luke was amused. He put his right left hand on my butt. I heard yelling and footsteps coming down the hall. "Get off me,"i said and luke was pushed away,but not by me. It was seth,with collin,trishchen,and brady by his side. "Ive had enough of you,parvian,"seth growled calling luke by his last name. Luke didnt back down even though seth was obviously twice lukes size. They got in eachtohers faces and i stepped between them and said,"dont." Seth looked at me with anger. It kind of scared me,he never looked at me that way before. "Maybe,i wouldnt be kissing her,if you were with her,"luke said. Seth swung over me and hit luke. Brady pulled me out of the fight. "Stop them,"i told the guys. "Lexi,parvian deserves it,"collin said. "If you dont i will,"I said. They didnt so i did. Seth accidently hit me. I flew to the ground. That stopped the fight as everyone stared at me in shock. My eyes filled with tears. I got u and ran off. I heard the guys calling after me. I jumped the school fence and ran to the beach. I sat on a rock and cried. Memories of california came flooding back. Memories of being hit. I was shaking out of anger and saddness. I finished crying and got back to school in time for 5th period. I had that with crysta and lara. I told them about what happened. They hugged me. I hated boys at this moment all they did was cause me pain. Even the ones i was supposed to call brothers. Soon,at lunch,i was scared. Im a wolf and im afraid,how bogus does that sound. Seth came up to me. Pain filled his beutiful brown eyes. "Lexi,im sorry,i didnt mean to do that,"seth said. "I told you not to fight seth,i told you,and you did. And you hurt me,"i said,sadly. "I know,and im sorry,"seth said in agony. "I cant talk to you right now,"i said,painfully. Seths eyes were pained but so was i. I didnt go home after school. I went to the beach. Some jrs i recognized from school walked up to me. "Hey,freshy,you all right,"One named samuel asked. I shook my head no. He tossed me a beer and said,"this will make you fell better." I hesitated but i guess it one couldnt hurt...right? I guess i was wrong. One lead to two,two lead to four,four lead to six,six lead to eight. Before i knew it i had twelve. I was way past drunk. I stumbled my way home. When i went inside,i almost tripped. "Hey,guys,"I said to everyone. They all knew,instantly,that i was drunk. "Lexi,"jake growled at his feet. "Ummm.ummm. jake,"i said. "You were drinking,"he asked,angrily. "Yea,alot,too. These guys gave me some,they said it would take away the pain,"i said,slering my words. "What pain,"paul asked. I looked around and noticed seth,collin,brady,and trishchen werent there. "Seth hit me,"i said. Everyones faces turned blazing mad. "He was fighting this guy,i told him not to,i tried to stop him,and he hit me,"i mumbled. "Wait,"jake said and stepped closer to me. He touched my forehead and it burned. "That little ------,"jake said finishing with an unprintable word. All the other guys were mad and surprised. I was about to puke,i covered my mouth and ran to the bathroom. Then i blew. Jared came in and held my hair. I felt horrible,and i was still drunk. The next morning,i still dressed up. I wore a jean skirt,long sleeve v neck,and black boots with my leather jacket. I starightened my hair. Crysta and lara did the same except they wore pants. At school,seth saw me. I walked over to him. "Seth,"i said. Instead of letting me finishe,he pulled me close and kissed me,passionatly. I didnt pull away. It made me feel sane again. "Im so so so so so so so so so sorry,lexi,i never ever meant to hurt you,"he said. I smiled and said,"I know." His kiss was,mesmerizing. The school bell rang. Luckily,luke didnt sit by me in class. Although,tons of other guys did. All of which were staring at my legs. I rolled my eyes and said,"boys,i dont think my boyfriend appreciates you staring like that." They all looked up at the board. Not shortly after did they turn back to me. Lunch came to slow,but when it did,i was thankful. Seth and i were alone by the fence. I remembered what i told the guys. "Oh,seth,im sorry,but i told the guys what happened,i was drunk it wasnt my fault,"i said. "Wait,you were drunk,who gave you the alcohol,"seth demanded. "Im not going to sat,but im sorry,because the guys were mad,"i said. "They should be,i hit you,i hit you,"seth said in disbelief. "I forgive you,"I said. The bell rang and it was time for 7th period. In class,i was in advanced math so i was with abunch of jrs. The guys crowded me. :Where you from?,you sinlge?,you lookin for a guy?,can i tutor you? All of which i thought were stupid questions. Everyone knew i was the new california girl whos dating seth clearwater. And why would i need a tutor,obviously i was good since i was in advanced math. Leaving that class,soe guy put his hand up my skirt. I turned around and punched him straight in the nose. "What the ----,"the boy said. I rolled my eyes and walked to 8th period. It was advanced english,i had it with collin and brady. They sat by me,shielding me from the testostrum filled teenage boys. After school,i went to seths house. Leah and his mom were gone. I set my stuff down on the couch in his livingroom. He turned me into him and we started kissing. I dont know what happened. He was pressed against the wall with me pressed to him. He pulled my right thigh up to his hip. He let out a mhhh. In a flash,we were in his room,on his bed. His hands were moving up through my shirt. I didnt realize what we were doing until he unbottoned my jean skirt. "Seth,"i said cathcing my breathe. "Hmmm,"he replied. He jumped up when he realized what was going on,too. "Im so sorry,lexi,i didnt mean to,"seth apoloized. "We didnt,so its okay,"i said. "No,its not,"seth said. "Do you not want it to happen,"i asked. "Ofcourse i do,id be crazy to not want to. I respect you,lexi,so we cant,i promised your brother and dad,"seth said. "So we cant beacause youre thinking about my family,"i asked,confused. "Its confusing,lex,"seth said. "No,i understand,you just dont want to,"i said. Seth was on me on the bed. His hand up my shirt again. His kiss excited me. My breathe came out in heaves. His warm hands danced on my torso. It was an amazing feeling. My shirt lifted off over my head. His shirt followed mine. His hands traced my undergarmets. I had to let out a moan of no protest. He liked that. His lips traced my neck. His hands ran up and down my sides. Then we heard the menacing growls. I looked out the window and all the guys were there. I jumped up and stood frozen and scared. Seth was frozen to. Jake opened the window and he and the guys raced in. "What are you two doing,"jake growled. "Nothing,"i protested. "It didnt look like nothing,it still doesnt look like nothing,"jake said. Jared,quil,embry,andrew,collin,trishchen,and brady were staring at my shirtless torso. I atleast had on m bra. "Jake,its my fault,"seth said. "No its not,jake,"i said. "Seth,youre a dead man,"paul said. Seth busted out of the house in a run. I threw on my shirt and ran home. All of the guys followed. I ran to my room. Crysta and lara were in there doing homework. I put my hands on my head and groaned. "Whats wrong,"lara asked. "Seth and i,we were,we were making out in his room,the guys walked in,"i said with piercing worried eyes. "Oh my god,"crysta said. I was so worried and what if the guys caught seth!!!! Well that worry was out when jake walked in the room. "Lexi,we need to talk now,"he ordered. "Id rather not,"i said. He picked me up over his shoulder. "Put me down,"i growled. He set me on the couch. All the guys looked at me. "Lexi,what were you thinking,"jake growled. "Jake,hes my boyfriend,"I growled,"we can make out." "Not like that,"jake growled,"that what you two were doing leads to something else." "Oh my god,jake,do you really think that would happen,"i asked. "I think it could,seth could easily take advantage of you,"jake said. "Jake,seth would never do that and you know it,"i growled. "Dont get mouthy with me,"jake growled. "Or what,"i said with attitude. "Or youll be grounded,"jake said. "Wow,im so scared,"i said. "Lexi,"sam warned me to calm down. "No,im not gonna calm down.It turns out that my own family doesnt trust me.Dont try to blame this on seth either,"i growled. "Lexi,its not that we dont trust you,"paul said. "Oh please,dont even tell me that 14,guys,ill do what i want,'I said. "Like h.e.l.l. you will,"jake growled. "Or what,jake,really what will you do,"I asked with a menacing growl. "Little girl you dont even know,"Jake said. "Thats were your wrong.For one,im not little,and two i know plenty,"i objected. "You are only 14,"jake said. "Jake,its not like we were going to have.."i started but jake interrupted me,"dont even finish that please." "If seth isnt back tomorrow,jake,im never talking to you,"I said and left. I climbed onto the roof to think. There was a soft thump behind me and i smelt vampire. I whipped around and the vampire male said,"please,i come in peace." I relaxed only a little. "My name is zefron,i need to ask you something,"he said. "Ask,"i ordered. "You are a wolf,"he asked. "Yes,"i said in a "duh" way. "Thats all,bye,"zefron said and flashed away. I was confused. I heard the guys rush outside yelling my name. I jumped off the roof and landed in front of them. "What,"i said. "A vampires coming,"paul said. "No,he just left,"I said. They all looked confused. "He said he came in peace,he aske if i was a wolf then he left,"i said. I walked past the guys into the house. "Are you realy gonna give us the cold shoulder,"jake asked after me. "I flashed my shoulder at them.


A few days passed and seth was still gone. I was sitting on the roof one day,doing homework. My phone started ringing,it was seth. Why didnt i think to call him. "Helo,"i answered frantic. "Hey,beautiful,"seth said. "Seth,where are you,"i asked. "Im sorry,i just think its safer to be away for a while,"seth said. "Please,seth,where are you,i have to see you,"i begged. "Meet me at the movies in 30 minutes,"seth said. We hng up and i changed. I wore a short jean tight skirt,kept my purple long sleeve v-neck,and put on ugg boots. I snuck out my window and ran for the movies. I had my hair straight and it was past my shoulder blades. I saw seth in front of the theatre. I ran and jumped into his arms. He kissed me so,passionalty. We went to the alley behind the theatre. He had me agaist the buiding,kissing me so amazingly. His right hand slithered up my shirt like a snake. His left hand on my waist. My hands were tangled in his short cropped hair. "I missed you so much,"seth whispered. "You have no idea how much i missed you,"i said. His left hand joined his right in my shirt. His hands moved along the edges of my bra. My heart was racing. His lips moved along my neck. Was this all our relationship would be for now on. For right now,i wouldnt worry. After making out for two hours we went to this place. Seth said it was where he was staying. It was his cousins house in seattle. His cousin was 23. "Man,little buddie,you got a keeper,"his cousin,jackson,said. "Jack,shes mine,"seth said. "I know,i know,"jackson said. I blushed and seth and i sat on the couch. He held my hand. His cousin left the room,so we folled around a little. Hi put his hand in my shirt right when his cousin walked in. "Wow,little buddie,"jackson said. I smiled,embarrassed. Seth took his hand out of my shirt. "Man,my little buddies a man,"jackson smiled. "Jack,"seth groaned. "Sorry,but i can see it in you eyes,"jackson said. "Youre wrong,jack,we havent dont that,"seth said."well theres a room in there,i can see you both want to,"jackson said. I smiled and seth said,"jack,please shut up." "Alright just tryna help you,"jackson laughed. Seth took me to the room,but not for what jackson thought. "Sorry about him,"seth said. "Its okay,i said. My phone started ringing,it was emily. "Hello,"I said. "Lexi,where are you,"emily asked. "Im fine,ill be home tomorrow,"I said. "Be careful,"emily said and hung up. Seth was staring into my eyes. His stare was,,hypnotizing. I slowly leaned in to his kiss. He was so aggressive,but i didnt complain. He nipped at my neck,agressivly more each time. I didnt say anything,though. He let out a moan,i knew what he wanted. I dont think i was willing to give it to him. I was willing to make-out,though. We leaned back onto the bed,and he took my shirt off me. I pulled his off him after. For the first time,my skirt came off. I was a little hesistant,but to much in the moment i didnt protest. His shorts followed my skirt. We were both in our undergarmets,hot skin pressed to hot skin. His hands went to my bra. They moved along it,softly. His touch was so gentle. Youd think all hed be is agressive,but at that moment he was gentle. Until i sparked his agressiveness. He began nipping at my neck,again. He got to agressive. "Ow,seth,that hurts,"i told him as he bit my neck. He gentled it up and we kept making out. Jackson walked in. 'Holy ----,"he said with a smile. Seth leaned over me,covering my body. "Jack,can i help you,"seth asked. "Youre mom called,she asked me if you were here,"jackson said. "What did you tell her,"seth asked. "That you werent here,"jackson said. "Good,"seth said. Jackson hesitantly left the room. I leaned up and seth said,"crap." "What,"i asked. "I bot you way to hard,"seth said and ran his finger along my neck. "I got up and looked im a mirror. Teeth marks lay on my neck. "No worries,they will probably be gone by tomorrow morning,"i said. I laid back down by seth. He put his arms around me and we fell asleep. The next morning,i woke up next to the love of my life.

hope you like this.Im going for a more higher rating.comment plz!!!♥☻☺♥☻☺♥☻

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