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Seth was so peaceful when he slept. I proped myself up on my elbow and watched him sleep. He was a snoarer,which made me giggle. He woke up and said,"goodmorning,beautiful." "Goodmorning,love,"i smiled. His eyes melted through me. We got dressed and went out of the room. Jackson was dead asleep on the couch. Seth and i ate some corn flakes. He was staring at me. "What,"i asked. "Youre beautiful,"seth smiled. I blushed and he kissed my cheek. My phone started ringing and it was jake. I decided to answer it. "Hello,"i answered. "Lexi,you gotta get down to the hospital,its dad,somethings wrong,"jake said. "Ill be right there,"i said. "Whats wrong,"seth asked. "My dads in the hospital,"i said. "Come on,"seth said and we ran. We ran non-stop to the hospital. I got to the nurse and asked for my dad. "Room 123,"the nurse said. Seth and i ran into the room. Everyones eyes were saddened I shook my head in disbelief. Dad wanted to talk to me alone so everyone walked into the hall. "Daddy,"i cried and hugged him. "Sweetheart,itll be okay,you have the pack,"dad said. "But,i wont have you",i sobbed. "You will,in hear,"dad said and pointed to his heart/ "Sweetheart,i love you,you are everything a father would dream of,"dad said. "Please,dont,"i cried. "I love you,make sure everyone knows i love them,and take it easy on the guys,theyre not used to a little sister,"dad said and the pillow sunk in. Dad died right there. "Dad,dad,dad,please no,"I screamed. The heartrate machine went to a straight line. Doctors and nurses ran in. "Dad,please,please dont leave me,i need you,"i cried. Jake came in and hugged me. I cried on his chest. Dad was gone. I cried and cried and cried. The guys couldnt take it,i could tell. I ran home and into my room. I barried my face in my pillow and kept crying. Crysta and lara followed me. They sat by me and cried. I cried so hard my chest rose and fell in heaves. The next day was a sunday. I stayed in bed,crying. My life just took a downward spiral and i went right with it. Jake came in around 10 in the morning. Crysta and lara went to help cook. He sat by me and scooped me up into his arms. I saw tears in his eyes...tears. He held me tight and we cried together. "Lexi,i promise i wont ever leave you,especially not know.I need you little sis,"jake said quickly wipping away his tears. "I need you to,jake,i need you,i need my big brother,"i sobbed. Ileaned my head on his chest and could hear the tha-thump tha-thump tha-thump of his heart. "I love you little sister,"jake said. "I love you,too,"I quivered. He stayed with me a while longer then he had to go make a phone call. Paul,sam,jared,embry,quil,andrew,and daniel came in. They sat around me and when i looked at them,their eyes were pained. I threw my arms around all of them and hugged them. I couldnt help but cry. They all patted the back of my hair or my back. It was actually quite soothing. Later,seth,collin,trishchen,and brady came in. They all hugged me and told me they were here for me. I cried and said,"i wish id spent more time with him,"i sobbed. "Lexi,its not your fault,he loved you ore than any father i knew,he was always talking about you to my mom,to his friends,to everyone,"seth said. "I know,but i feel like its my fault,maybe if i spent more time with him,hed be here still,"i cried. "Lexi,you had nothing to do with this,"collin said. "I feel like i did,"i said. "Lexi,no you didnt,you know that,"brady said.


The next day i wore ripped jeans,a black tight sweater,with black boots. I wore my hair straight so itd fall in my face and hide my tears. I wore waterproof make-up. Crysta and lara did slightly the same. At school,almost everyone knew. It was a small town so news traveled pretty fast. Seth kept his arms around me. In 1st period luke came up and told me,"im sorry." Something in his eyes told me he really meant it. "Thank you,"i said. I lowered my head and cried. When i looked up everyones eyes were on me. I grabbed my stuff and left. I stopped by a fence. I dropped my stuff and broke down. I kicked and screamed. I screamed,"why did you have to go,why did you leave me." A security gaurd came around. She calmed me down and i confided in her. She told me how both her parents died when she was 16 and how her family,friends,and boyfriend helped her through it. What she told me helped me. I thanked her and made it right in time for 3rd period. I was dead silent in my classes. I didnt want any attention but ofcourse eveyone was staring at the girl whos dad just died. I lowered my head and hid behind my hair. Soon,school was over. We all went back to my house. I went to my room and put down my stuff. I put my hair in my face,so the guys wouldnt see i was crying. That worked until embry moved my hair from my face. All the guys faces filled with pain. "Im sorry,"I apologized and got up. That night i was woken up to a loud thump. I went into the livingroom and none of the guys were there. I went out and heard them in the woods. I went looking for them. When i found them they had four 24 packs at their feet. "Guys,"i growled. "Lexi,"jake said,pretending not to be drunk. "How could you guys drink,"i asked. I never thought the guys would drink,not ever. "Chill out,"jared said stepping towards me. Ive been around to many drunk adults to not step away. "No,i wont chill out,you guys are pathetic,"I growled. "Excuse me,"paul growled drunk. "You heard me,"i said,stupidly. He got in my face and grabbed my jaw. "Dont ever call us that,"paul growled. "Pathetic,"i said to angry to care. He lifted his hand and my eyes widened. I took a blow right to the nose. I flew about twelve yards and into a tree. I could feel my eyes beginning to water. "Lexi,im so sorry,"paul said,realizing what he did. I got up and ran to seths. When he woke up and saw my bloody nose he asked what happened. I told him and he got so angry. I made him promise me not to do anything. He went and got a wet rag,to clean up my nose. "Paul hits hard,"i said and seth growled at pauls name. My nose stopped bleeding and i fell asleep beside seth. The next morning,he walked me home,still not trusting the guys. Whjen i went inside they were all there. I made tons of noise. They all had obvious hangovers. "Hey,paul,"I screamed,"" He looked at me confused. My nose was still bruised so i showed him and yelled,"yea,you did that." I ran to the room and changed. I wore cute blue blouse with tight tight tight skinny jeans and blue converse. I kept my hair straight again. When i went out of the room,i gave the guys an evil glare. "Lexi,please let me apologize,"paul said. "No,i cam here to get away from that,but it turns out whereever i go someone i love is bound to hit me,"I growled and went out the front door. All the teens followed me. We got to school and i dragged seth to the abandoned side. I started kissing him,passionatly. We were against the wall and his hand slipped up my shirt. I lifted my leg around him. "Woooooh,"we heard. We looked and some guys were staring at us. They saw seths hands in my shirt and looked in awe. Great,now id be known as a ---! Just what i need. Seth and i walked out of sight of the others and picked up where we left off. Hands in my,shirt legs around seth,and lips pressed to eachother. Seth was sure enjoying it,that much i could feel. I smiled and whispered,"i love you,seth." "Love doesnt even describe it,"seth said. "I looked behind him and saw some jr.high kids with their phones out. "Seth,"i said and he looked. He scared them away.

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Comment by yvette lautner on December 28, 2010 at 5:00pm
soo amazing!!!

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