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The bell rang and seth walked me to class,he kissed me sweetly before going to his. In class,i couldnt help but think of dad. His funeral was the following day,and i had to make a speech. The whole town wold be there. I wasnt nervous,that wasnt it at all,i just didnt want to break down in front of the whole town. How was i going to do this? Well ofcourse my friends would help me. Thankfully i had advanced science with vanessa. She sat next to me and i talked to her. "How am i going to do this,"i asked her. "Lexi,you are the strongest girl ive ever met,you can do anything.Besides you dont have to be afraid to cry,"vana said[vanessas nickname]. "I dont want to look weak in front of the whole town,"I said. "Lexi,this town has seen alot of funerals,no one wil call you weak if you cry,"vana told me. "My dad hated when i cried,"i objected. "He will understand,lex,your dad was the most understanding person i ever met,"vana said. I smiled and she hugged me and said,"lexi,youll do great and if you cry,let it flow." The bell rang and soon it was lunch. Seth kept his arms around me comfortingly. The guys from this morning walked over and said,"so,clearwater,she let you get to home base yet,"the tallest skiniest boy said. "Shut up,"seth ordered. "Aw,is little clearwater getting angry,"a short beefy one asked. "Just dont talk about her,"seth growled. "Dont talk about that ----,"a tall broad shoulder one asked. Seth got angry,he was shaking. Collin,trishchen,and brady stood up. "Ha,clearwaters gonna explode,"the short beefy one said and the loser guys started laughing. "Shut up,"Brady growled at the guys. "Or what,"the tall skiny one asked. "You dont want to know,"collin demanded. Soon,the guys started fighting. Guys from our table joined in. I made all the girls at our table move away. Ive never seen seth and the guys so angry. I have to say it was kind of attractive. Everything was only about the guys until a hand came and punched me in the face. I recgnized this girl she was with the guys earlier. I tackled her and we started fighting. Everyone was around us watching both the fights. "If only you werent such a ---- these guys wouldnt be fighting,"the girl said,sharply. I gave her a hard punch in the stomach. Her air came out in a whoosh. I growled at her. Before i knew it we were being pulled apart. Well i was being pulled off of her. I wanted her to feel more pain. Teachers and security guards were trying to break up the fight. The girl hit my nose where paul had,that hurt believe it or not. I was taken to the principles office by the girl security guard i talked to the day before. The principle told me i was suspended only for the day,since i didnt throw the first punch. I was afraid,but i went home. Collin,seth,trishchen,and brady ran up to me a few seconds after i started walking. Seth put his arm around me. "Im sorry guys,"i told them. "Dont be that was fun,"seth smiled. "What are the guys going to do,"i asked. "Nothing,this has happened before,"collin said. Still,I was scared,especially if the guys were stil a little buzzed. When we got inside,i glared at the guys and ran back outside. I climbed onto the roof. I sat with my head on my knees and cried. Will i ever be able to face them? Does this make me weak? Why does this have to be so...confusing. I leaned back onto the roofing. Thats when zefron landed on me. "Get off me,"i whispered not wanting the guys to come out. "oh come on,i wont hurt you,"zefron said. "Youre a vampire,you all want to hurt me,"i said. "Im half vampire,"zefron said,"i dont want to hurt you." I was scared,but i believed him. His cold body pressed to mine,he was going to kiss me! This couldnt happen!! Seth came and tackled the vampire off me. They rolled off the roof. I jumped down following them. All the guys ran outside. Seth phased,the vampire flashed off. Seth ran into the woods and came back seconds later,clothed. "Lexi,what was that,"seth growled. "I dont know,"i said,defensivly. "You were going to let him kiss you,"seth growled. "No,seth,no i wasnt,"i said. "You know what,if you want a stupid leech have him,because were done,"seth said. It felt like my heart was torn out of my chest and it followed him as he ran off. I just dropped to my knees. He told me hed never hurt me. Jake picked me up and carried me inside. I saw his face only once. It was sorry. He laid me on my bed. I cried so hard. Now i had two things to cry about. The next day,i wore a black mini dress with black heels and straight hair. Crysta and lara wore the same. I grabbed my speech and we left to my dads funeral. I saw seth next to his mom,i hid my face. Jake talked first. He told of how he and dad were so close. He told of the times they laughed and the serious times. Next my oldest sister shared a speech. You could see the tears in her eyes. I started crying. Quil hugged me,brotherly. My sister shared what my dad was like o her first date,her first dance,and then when she got married. Then my second oldest sister went. She talked about her first date then when dad found out she snuck out to see paul one night,she talked about the laughs they shared. Then,it was my turn. I walked up to the podium. Dads open caskett stood next to te podium. I talked about the firsty day i came,not taking my eyes of dads peaceful looking face. Then i talked about seth and me,ignoring seths name soi wouldnt break. That didnt work when i looked up my eyes locked with seth. "Im sorry,"I said looking into his eyes. I ran off and out the exit. I ran into the woods. I ran all the way to the meadow. I kicked and punched trees nearby. I stopped when i noticed my knuckles were red and bloody. I couldnt help the waterfall of tears falling from my eyes. I asked myself outloud,"lexi,why are you so stupid?why do you ruin everything?why cant you just be normal?" A voice behing me said,"youre not normal,but its okay,none of us are.And you dont ruin anything." I turned around and it was jake. I ran to him and hugged him,sisterly. "I hate seeing you like this,lex,"jake said. "Im sorry,jacob,"i whispered afraid of what i might sound like if i spoke up. "Dont apologize,"jake said and hugged me tighter. I couldnt breathe but i wasnt going to ruin this moment,too. Jake convinced me to go back to the service. No one but seth knew that the "im sorry" was for him. I sat back down next to quil. Becka was on the other side of me. Her beautiful smile giving me reassurance. Ms. clearwater was up talking now. She talked about how my dad,her,and harry clearwater were best friends. She told of how her husband and my dad went to fishing trips with charlie swan,bellas dad. I couldnt help but cry. Quil hugged me and whispered,"itll be okay,lil sis." I just leaned my head on him and hid my face. I could feel seths eyes on me. That made me cry more. After the service,we had to host a dinner thing that the whole town also went to. I didnt see seth,so i was kind of worried. Crysta and lara helped me clean up from crying so much. Some guys from school,walked up to me. "Were sorry for your loss,lexi,"they told me. I hugged them in a friendly way and said,"thank you." They gave me a smile and walked off. I went to the corner,i didnt feel like socializing with anyone. I snuck ot and back into the woods. In the meadow,zefron came. "Hey,"he said. "My life is ruined,"i said. "Im sorry about your father,"he said. "Not just that,seth dumped me,"i said. Why was i confiding in this vampire? "Well,maybe its a sign,"zefron said,"a sign that means you shoud try someone different." I dont know what happened. He stepped closer to me. His cold hands wrapped around my waist. My heart was thumping,about ready to jump out of my chest. His lips came closer to me. Our lips met and somehow he managed to slip his tongue in. He didnt bite me! I was surprised and vulnerable,so i didnt pull away. I hated all vampires,so what was going on?!?! His hand were agressive. They held me tight. I was to vulnerable to do anything. Finally,i said,"stop!" "You dont mean that,"zefron said. "Please,"i choked. He kept kissing me. Someone came flying and tackled zefron off of me. It was seth. Then,he came to me and kissed me,passionatly. Zefrons eyes narrowed. "Both of you stop it,"i said and stepped away from both of them. "Now dont talk to me...ever,"i growled and walked off. "Now look what you did,leech,"seth growled at zefron. "Me,if you wouldnt have broke her heat this would have never happened,"zefron hissed. I started running. I managed to slip back into the dinner hall. Paul and my sister knew something hapened. Paul could probably smell the vampire on me. He whispered to me,"did that vampire come back." I nodded my head and his eyes went angry. "What did he do,"paul ordered. "He-he kissed me,"i studdered. Paul stormed over to the other guys. When they looked at me their faces dropped. Jake came over and said,"Are you alright." "Physically,yes,mentally,,"i said. He kissed my forhead and said,"ill take care of this for you,later." I wasnt sure if i wanted him to,but i nodded anyway. Crysta and lara were informed and came to comfort me. I told the the rest of the story,the part the guys didnt know,about seth. My heart was hurting so bad. Luke walked over to me. "Um,hey,"luke said. Crysta and lara walked away. "Hey,"I whispered. "You okay,"he asked. I shook my head no. "Would a hug be out of question,"luke asked. For his answer i put my arms around him and hugged him like i would a friend. There was nothing special about it. I saw collin,brady,and trishchen giving luke a glare. I gave them a look that said "dont worry". They nodded,but still worried. Luke and i talked for a while longer,actually until the service ended. I went home exhausted from crying. I went right to my room and fell to sleep. I woke up around 1 in the morning. I was still all dolled up. I snuck out my window. I had to talk to seth. I went to his house. He was in his backyard. He wipped around,ofcourse he heard me. His anger faded to saddness. "Can we talk,"i asked. "Ofcourse,"he said and we went into his room. We sat on his bed facing eachother. "Lexi,i broke my promise,"he said. "What promise,"i said,even though i knew exactly what he meant. "I promised you that id never hurt you,but i did,"seth said. "Seth,i hurt you too though,"i said. "But i made you cry,"seth said. His face was so...sorry. "Seth,i forgive you,"i said. His hand fluttered to my face and he said,"thank you!" Something came over both of us. We moved to a laying position. His hands unzipped the back of my dress. I kicked my shoes off. His shirt and pants came off. We were both in our undergarmets. His hot skin pressed to mine. His hands roamed over my body. Mine moved over his back. His hands moved to the buckle on the front of my bra. My heart was racing and i was shaking. Would i let this go to far? As if he was debating to he moved his hands. Maybe,i was thankful,i dont know if im ready for that yet. I loved seth,so much,but thats a huge thing! "I love you,lexi black,"seth said. "I love you,too,"i smiled. He kissed down my torso then came back to my lips. His kiss sent electric shocks down my spine. He smiled,so i think he could tell. His hands came back up to my bra buckle. "Seth,"i whispered,"i dont think im ready." I was afraid of what he would say. "Its okay,i can wait forever for you,"seth said with a smile. We continued to make out. I could feel him tohugh,feel the heat through my undergarmets. It sent goosebumps through my body. The door opened and there sue clearwater stood. All three of our faces were in shock. "Seth clearwater,"sue said,scoldingly. I grabbed my clothes and ran out the window. I heard seth calling after me. I idnt stop though. I was running in my bra and underwear. Ofcourse,some drunk teenagers had to be in the woods. I froze when i ran into one. "Wow,"one smiled. All the others smiled,too. "Hey,your that guys daughter,the one who had the funeral today,"the one who looked about 18 said. I just backed away slowly. "Come on,stay awhile,"the oldest one about 20 said. "I cant,"i said. They surrounded me. I was super uncomfortable,especially since i was in my bra and undrewear. Then,i heard growls. Great,here comes the guys,so they can see me in my undergarmets. The teenagers ran off at the growls. Then,outstepped the guys. They were in human form. They all turned their heads when they saw me. "Lexi,why dont you have your clothes on,"jake asked. "I-i-i umm i-i was gonna go on patroll,"i said. "Oh um well,you should put on your clothes,"paul said. "Yea,cause im just gonna go home like this,"i said. I saw collin,brady,trishchen,daniel,andrew,and quil sneek a peek. "Ew,guys,"i said and ran off. I through on my dress. I didnt zip it before i was pinned to a tree. Zefron. He whispered,"hey,beautiful." "You have to leave,quickly,"i said. "Why,"he asked interrupted by growls. He turned to see the guys. I slipped out from behind him. He flashed off,the guys followed. Except,brady. He walked back then came human form. "What are you doing,"i asked him. He came close and i backed against a tree. He pressed against me. His hands ran down my bare back. "What are you doing?what about vanessa?"i asked. "Were over,"Brady said with a sly smile. "Seths your best friend,"i said. "I think i love you,"brady said. I couldnt deny the attraction,but i loved seth. His lips moved close and he kissed me. "What the ----,"seths voice growled. I jumped and brady turned to face seth. "Brady,thats my girl,"seth said. "I love her,seth,"brady said. Seth growled and phased. Brady followed that lead. Soon,the other guys came running. I stood shocked. Seth and brady were growling,fiercly,at eachother. I didnt even want to think about what the were thinking to eachother. They started fighting. I ran off as fast as i could. I could hear a couple of the guys running after me. Quils wolf cut me off and i tripped on him. I just stood there and cried. They went off for a second and came back human form. It was quil,jared,daniel,and trishchen. "I cant believe i let this happen,"i growled at myself. "Its not your fault,"daniel said. "Are you kidding,if i would have pushed brady away from me,we would have never kissed,"i growled. "Wait,you guys kissed,"trishchen said. "Didmt sethmention it in his thoughts,"i asked. "No,he was just saying bad things towards brady,"quil said.

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