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I felt horrible. "This is my fault,"i said. "Lexi,how is this your fault,"trishchen asked. "It just is,"i said. I couldnt help but cry. The guys all hugged me. They walked me home. I felt really bad. I couldnt even tell vana what happened,it would brake her heart. Well brady already did,but that means she needed us her friends. I swear i could hear the growls from seth and brady. I went into the kitchen with the other girls. I helped them make food for the guys. Then i went to bed. The next day,i got up and wore a jean short skirt,a long sleeve blue v-neck,black uggs,and a tight black sweater. I had my hair staright again. I wore eye-shadow,eye-liner,mascara,and lip gloss. Crysta and lara dressed similar except prettier make-up. Atleast,thats what i thought. I went to school,alone,that day. I needed time to think. I sat on a bench and sighed to myself. I recapped the night in my head. I cant believe i let that crap happen. I saw seth approaching me. I was about to apologize,but he swooped me up into his arms and kissed me. "Lexi,none of this is your fault,i hope you know,"seth said. I gave him a faint smile. After school,it was time for try-outs. The guys were trying out for football and us girls for cheer. Vanessa even tried out with us. We learned a little cheer,then a two minute dance. It was all very easy to me. Dont tell me being a wolf made this easier for me,too! When we were dancing i caught a glimpse of all the guys staring. I just smiled and rolled my eyes. Try-outs for today ended. They would be tomorrow and the next day,again. When we got home,i could sense something was up. Jake met us at the door. "We have a new member of tha pack,"jake said,"he says he knows you,lex." I was confused,we went inside and there was alex. My mouth dropped and my eyes widened. Crap!! It was alex!! What was going to happen next? "Hey,lex,"alex said breaking my thoughts. Im surprised jake didnt know who this was,i told him about alex. "Hey,al-ex,"i broke his name into two syllabels. Seth made a tiny growl,he caught on. "Long time no see,"alex said with his same reckless beautiful smile. "Yea,"i said. Seth put his arm around me,owningly. "That your boyfriend,"alex asked. "Yea,"i said. "Man,whats with all this tension,"jared asked. I ran to my room. I was like hypervenalating. I couldnt breathe. I put my hands over my head. Jake came in and rushed to my side. "Lexi,whats wrong,"jake asked. "Jake,thats alex,the alex,the one who broke my heart,"i said. Jakes eyes glazed over and he finally understood. "Yea,and now hes in the pack,this is..perfect,"i said with sarcasm. "Lexi,im sorry,"jake said. "Whatever,im over him,and its best for the pack,"i said,hiding my saddness. "Theres my girl,"jake smiled and we walked back into the livingroom. "Everything okay,"alex smiled,amused. "Perfect,"i lied. Seth was back at my side. He was giving alex a cold glare. "Well,seth and i are going to,,a place,"i said

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