The Twilight Saga

Seth was shaking with anger. Stupid,alex,why did he have to turn out to be a wolf,better yet why did he have to come here!!!!! "Seth,please,just ignore him,"i said. He was shaking,violently. I should of stepped away,but instead i scooted closer and nessled myself into his chest. He controlled himself and only his hands were shaking. I didnt say a word,afraid of what might come out. "Lexi,im sorry for acting like that,"seth tried but i interrupted sayin,"Dont apologize,you have every right to be mad." I didnt notice i was crying,until seth wipped away my tears. His warm hands cradled my face. He pulled me closer to him and hugged me,tightly. We went back to the house in time for our shift. Horribly,jake added alex to our shift,since he was around our age. Seths eyes narrowed in a glare. I gulped and i could tell i had a worried expression. Alex just smiled at me. As we left the boys went in one side of the woods and me another. We met up and ofcourse,alex and seth,no seth and alex were arguing. I couldnt keep my thoughts from them ofcourse. I thought,"why cant you guys just stop,i dont,i,i,ugh." I growled and ran to my clothes. I phased human and threw on my clothes. I ran to the beach. I started hyperventilating. I put my hands over my head and tried to suck in big breathes. I didnt cry,but i was so sad and mad. The guys fighting was so..horrible. As much as i didnt want to admit it,i still had feelings for alex,but they werent like the feelings i had for seth. I layed down in the sand,staring up at the stars. I sensed the guys approaching me. I hopped up and looked at them with hurt eyes. "Lexi,were sorry,"seth said. "Yea,"i said,"i understand that you guys dont like eachother but why does it have to be like this?" Seth and alex looked at me,sorrowful. "I just,i need some time,"i said. "What,"all the guys asked confused. "Ill be back for school tomorrow,"I said and ran off. I heard running after me,but it stopped at the seattle border. I ran to an extended roof. It was raining,so i hid under there. I let my mind surf the millions of thoughts in my head. Thats when i sensed zefron. He walked up to me. "Are you alright,"he asked. "Not even close,"i said. "Do you want to talk about it,"zefron asked. "You wouldnt like it,"i said. "Oh,its about that wolf boy isnt it,"zefron said. "Hes part of it,"I said. "Just my luck,"zefron said. "Im sorry,youre so different from all the othere leec,i mean vampires ive met,"I said,"I hope you find someone else." "I dont think i can,but is there a possibility that we could be friends,"zefron asked. To have a nice vampire friend would be nice. But how would the guys feel about it? "Sure,i could use a friend,"I said. The smile on his face wasnt one of a vampire,it was of a sweet sweet human boy. I guess he was a half-breed vampire. He stayed and talked to me until morning. He walked me home. It was 4 in the morning,i should have thought more. Soon,zefron was surrounded by jakes shift. "Its okay,hes a friend,"i said. All their wolf heads turned to me. I nodded and they backed away. "See you later,"zefron said and flashed away. I went home. Jake had my arm before i reached the front steps. "You were with a vampire,"jake growled. "Hes half human,"i said. "It doesnt matter,hes a vampire,"jake said. "Jake,dont you remember,your girlfriend is a vampire,"I growled. "Shes a half-vamp,"jake started but stopped when he realized how stupid he was being. I rolled my eyes and said,"You really need to trust me more." I went inside and showered and got dressed. I wore cutt-off short shorts,a long sleeve blue v-neck,black uggs,and a black sweater. I curled my hair. Lara and crysta were both wearing skirts with beautiful tight shirts. Collin and trishchen were for sure going to try to kiss them. I giggled at my thoughts,and us girls made breakfast. I went out back,it was like something,or someone,was calling me. In the woods,i stumbled dad! My breathe sped up and i mumbled,"d-d-d-dad." "Yes,sweetheart,"dad said and his warm voice was soothing. "Oh,dad,"i said. "Sweetie,i know your having troubles,i only have enough time here to tell you,itll all be okay,i love you,goodbye,for now,"dad said and poofed away. I fell to my knees and cried. It was only 6:25,so the last shift was still going. Paul found me. He ran away and came back human in his cutt-off shorts. He picked me up and asked,"whats wrong." I just shook my head. How could i ever tell anyone that i saw dad? I couldnt,theyd think i was crazy. But me,i knew what i saw. Paul took me inside and the others followed behind him. I knew the look on my face was horrified,mystified,stupified,all of the above. Seth and the guys came in. They,too,all rushed to my side. They all tried asking me what happened,but i wasnt going to tell. It was time to go to school. I ducked around everyone and left. Seth stared at me confused as he walked with his arm around my waist. Alex was shooting seth a jealous look. Seth didnt see,thankfully,i wasnt in the mood to see them fight. I wanted to cry,just thinking of dad. I couldnt though,i had to stay strong. At school,seth had his arms around my waist. I was trying to avoid his eyes. Somehow he always knew what i was thinking by just looking into my eyes. I had to cry now,he knew,maybe i was crazy!


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