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Seth just pulled me close and said,"its okay,lex,itll be okay." I saw alex over his shoulder he had a look on his face that said"maybe he is right for you". I smiled and seth held me tighter. The bell rang and seth walked me to class. Soon,i was in advanced math and the senior boys sat by me again. "Hey,cutie,whats wrong,"It was a different one today. "Dont even worry about it,"I said,fiercly. "Fiesty,i like that,"the senior said. I hissed under my breathe. "Sorry,"the guys said. Soon,i was in seths arms in advanced science. He was my rock. Just the feel of him made me feel better. "I love you,seth,"I whispered to him. "I love you,too,"i said. I tried cheering up for cheer try-outs. Alex was joining the guys for football try-outs. We practiced our dance more and the cheer. I could see the for now captains smile when she looked at me. She wasnt even a good captain. I could change that when i made the team. She was constantly yelling at the girls on the team. I would never do that,you have to give respect to get it. After try-outs,we al went back to my house. Even vana,she tagged along,ignoring brady. I could tell brady wasnt in love with her,but i think she was with him. How sad this was,but vana would find her mr.right...hopefully. I hugged vana and she said,"what was that for." "I dont know,"i said and we laughed. Seth kept his arm around my waist. Alex still had a jealous glare on his face. At the house,paul and jared were fighting in the front yard. I stepped between them and said,"whats gotten into you guys?" "Ask mr. smartmouth,"paul growled. "Whatever,learn to take a joke,"jared growled back. "Are you guys kidding me?Youre acting like a bunch of 13 year olds who barely hit puberty,"i growled. The other guys laughed. "You know what...fight,just dont expect me to be a part of it,i dont want anything to do with a couple of pathetic grown men who act like kids,"I said and stormed into the house. That got the guys to stop. Paul and jared were following right behing me. "Lexi,"they both whined,"were sorry." "Whatever,"i barked. Paul picked me up and i kicked my feet and said,"Put me down." Everyone knew i was dangerously ticklish. Jared tickled me and i started laughing. "Stop it,"i giggled and joked,"sexual harrassment." "Oh totally,"paul said in a sarcatic tone. They set me down and i said,"if you guys ever pull a stunt like that againg ill...ill..ill beat you up." They smiled and hugged me,then i made them hug eachother. Us girls made food for the guys. Then,my sister,emily,and leah came home from grocery shopping. Good thing,because we were running out of supplies. We finished up dinner and the guys rushed in and packed their plates a foot high. Alex and me were left alone in the kitchen. He pretended to pack his plate ,but it was obvious he was looking at me through the corner of his eye. I was nervouse,but i tried to hide it. Alex came up behind me. He put his hands aound my waist. "Tell me this doesnt bring back memories,"alex whispered. "Dont do this,"i said. "You said that when i broke up with you,"alex said,"i dont understand." "Alex,im not the same girl from california,im different,im new,im in love,but not with you,"i said. "I cant believe that,"alex said. I kissed him,i felt only a little spark. "Nothing,"i lied. "What the ----,"seth said in the kitchen doorway. Alex was smiling. "Seth,let me explain,"i said. "Dont even,"seth said and stormed out of the house. I ran after him. I caught up to him in his backyard. "Seth,please,"i pleaded. He growled and said,"you told me there was nothing between you to,you lied." "No no no,seth please let me explain,"i said louder than i should have. "No need,lexi,i still love that loser,"seth growled. I had never heard him yell at me. But he was in my face yeling ruthfully. I started crying,his eyes softened. "Lexi,how could you do this,"seth asked, his eyes started watering. "Let me explain,"i begged. He shook his head and went into his house. The thunder flashed and it started raining. I walked home anger building up inside me. When i got there anger pulsed through my veins. I slammed the door open and growled at alex,"this is all your fault." I was dripping wet. Alex had a smirk on his face as he said,"You kissed me!" "I only did to prove i felt nothing for you anymore,"I growled. They guys watched me yell with wide eyes. "Lexi,you know we were meant to be together,why eve argue,"alex said. "Because,your....nothing,"i screamed,"you hurt me,you took advantage of me,you didnt even love me." Memories came flooding back. "Do you remember that stormy night when you said i should stay at your house so i wouldnt get caught in the storm.Do you remember kissing me and trying to get further,do you remember me pushing you away and you got mad.You kicked me out of your house into the storm,"i yelled. "Lexi,i dont think we need to talk about the past,"alex said glacing at the guys,who were growling. "Why,alex,i asked you hurt me so bad,now its my turn,"i screamed and stepped towards him. He took a step back. I wanted to tear him apart. Jake and sam grabbed me. I growled and said,"you ruined everything,alex,you ruined it." I broke the guys grips and ran back to seths. I was still dripping wet. I went to seths window. "Seth,please,listen i only kissed alex because i wanted him to know i felt nothing,"i screamed at his window. "Seth,please,talk to me,"i growled. He slid open his window,and for the first time i saw him cry. It was a real eye-opener. I could hurt him as m uch as he hurt me. "You swear,"He said. I climbed into his window and said,"seth,i only love you." We started kissing. Soon,every article of clothing was off our bodies. His hands fluttered to my hips. He grabbed protection from his dresser and we made love♥. It was beautiful. Until,i woke up the next morning,realizing what we did. I sneakily slid on my clothes and ran out. I started crying,i wasnt ready! Oh-no! When i got to the house it was 4 a.m. The guys and leah were finishing off an early shift. Jake ran over to me,followed by the others. Something in his eyes sparked. He knew everything. '"Im gonna kill him,"jake growled. The other guys understood and they too started growling. Leah stood there speechless. For she,couldnt except the concept of seth doing this. I just cried harder. This would be horrible. When everyone arrived they were notified. Alex started shaking,uncontrolably. He phased and growls tore from his throat. I saw seth and gave him a look that said "run". He turned around and was off in a split second. Some of the guys chased him,but he already had a huge head start. At school,after 4th period seth called me. "Seth,"i answered the phone frantically. "Lexi,im so sorry,i shouldve known,"seth apologized. I cried and he said,"please dont cry." I couldnt hold back the tears. "Meet me at the seatlle border in two minutes,"seth said. I hung up and ran for the border. I ran right into him. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. "Im sorry,"he whispered over and over. I just smiled,just that short time away from him was horrible. I guess what we did brought us close,not just physically but mentally. "Do the guys still want to kill me,"seth asked. I looked at him and exclaimed,"oh yea!" "Man,i hate being away from you,"seth said letting out a sigh. "Well,i dont want you getting your head torn off,"i said. "Yea,that would suck,"seth smiled. I couldnt help but smile,while looking into his beautiful brown eyes. "Lexi,i wish you would have told me that you werent ready,"seth said. I looked at the ground and said,"im sorry." "You dont need to apologize,i should be the one doing that,"seth said. I smiled and he kissed me,sweetly. "Our love can only get stronger now,"seth whispered. "I love you,"i whispered in his ear. He whispered it back and he told me i should get back to school,and hed call me later. I ran back to school and got there in time for 8th period. We did our last try-out. It was obvious that seth already made the football team and the other guys,so they didnt need to try out. Us girls liked the try-out process,so we stayed. After,we went home. "Any sign of seth,"jake asked me. "No,"i lied looking at the floor. "If you didnt see him,then why were you gone for so long,"alex asked. I glared at him with fire in my eyes. "Lexi,"jake said. "I wont tell you where he is,"i said and walked out front

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Comment by Kelley Brady on December 1, 2010 at 9:11pm
love this story! can't wait for the next chapter!

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