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Midnight Sun-Original Song Lyrics

So I started writing this song in January when we got a few nights of a beautiful blue twilight with a sharp, crystal evening star (Venus). I was really entranced by Midnight Sun and the chapter where Edward falls in love with Bella while watching her sleep. I became posessed by writing the lyrics and getting them just right. I'm pretty proud of the song and will record it later and post it. Its got a folk feel to it.

Midnight Sun

In the deepening blue of Twilight
The evening star is shining bright.
I'm captivated by this young girl
Who's come here to rock my secret world.
I'm haunted by the truth in her eyes.
They threaten to see through all my lies.

In the quiet hour of Midnight
She lies sleeping still and white.
I'm watching the flush of her skin.
I burn for the blood that flows within.
The silence of her thoughts make me insane
While in her dream she's calling out my name.

"Edward please don't leave me.
Edward please don't go."
Her words send me reeling.
And I'm drowning in this feeling.

In the deepest dark of the night
The sun is rising on my midnight.
I know I've been as cold as a stone.
I always believed I'd be alone.
I've struggled with the monster that I am.
And now the lion's fallen for the lamb.

In the dawning of daylight
It's time for me to take my flight.
To save her soul I must go away.
I have no choice but to stay.
The paradox of love is so strange,
And I have been permanently changed

Bella please don't fear me.
Bella don't you run.
Love has finally freed me,
And I've no where else to go.

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