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So i just read an article that Miley was dissing Rob Pattinson. She doesn't get why girls like him. Honestly, the dude isn't my favorite but c'mon! Does she have to fight with everyone? (Radiohead, Jamie Foxx, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato) Yes, she's sixteen but i know some teens who are way more mature. Second, she will be staring in a movie similar to Twilight to see if she can cash in with the supernatual as well. It will be called Wings and her mother will produce the film. What, Billy Ray too busy with his music career? However, she will be playing... a fairy? A fairy..really? I used to not have a problem wit Miley but she's pushing it. Only kiddies and tweens seem to like her. So do you really think this movie will make it big? I liked the Twilight movies because no well known actors were in the films. sometimes the popularity of the actors overshadow the whole film. To top it off the movie will be Disney, idk this seems like a bad idea from beginning to end.

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